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my romodel best Basketball player

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Q: 3 reasons why you like Dwyane Wade?
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What number is Dwyane Wade?

Dwyane Wade wears number 3.

What is Dwyane Wade's number?

Dwyane Wade wears number 3.

What is Dwyane Wade uniform number?

Dwyane Wade wears number 3.

What is Dwyane Wade's number on the Miami Heat?

Dwyane Wade is number 3 on the Miami Heat.

What number is Dwyane Wade on miami heat?

Dwyane Wade is number 3 on the Miami Heat.

When did dwyane wade graduated from collage?

Dwyane Wade left after 3 years at Marquette to become an NBA player.

Who wore number 3?

Dwyane Wade

What are dwyane wade brothers names?

just so you know dwyane wade doesn't have brothers i think he has 3 older sisters though ha ironic

How many sisters does Dwyane Wade have?

3 Tragil, Deana and Keisha

A sport star with a prime number jersey?

Dwyane Wade #3

Why does Dwyane Wade wear the number 3?

Dwyane Wade is a devout Christian and he wears the number 3 for the Holy Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit) in the religion of Christianity.

How many brothers does Dwyane Wade have?

Dwayne Wade does not have any genetic brothers, but he does have 3 stepbrothers and four sisters.

Which NBA player wears number 3?

Dwyane Wade, in the Miami Heat

How long have gabrielle union and Dwyane Wade been dating?


What famous player wore the number 3 on his jersey?

Dwyane Wade but he's recent

How many games did Dwyane Wade scored over 50 points?

3 times

What basketball players wear or have worn the number 3?

Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul.

Who are the 3-egos in NBA?

Dwyane Wade, Lebron James and Chris Bosh :P

Which NBA player has the number 3?

Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade, my sister's favorite player.

What rank is Dwyane Wade in the NBA?

you cant really rank a player, but i would say 3?

Why did Dwyane Wade start wearing high socks?

Because he is the best person who wear number 3

Why there is no number 3 in basketball?

The number 3 is available to choose in basketball. Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade currently done the number.

What does the number 3 stand for on Dwyane Wade's jersey?

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit!

Does Dwyane Wade suck at basketball?

Dwyane Wade, sucks at basketball he has no 3 point range he lets the refree do all the work and lets LeBron flop. If you call that a leader then I don't know what to say, and btw the better players are Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and James Harden. James Harden is having a phenomenal career and is WAAAYYY better than Dwyane Wade

What 3 schools wanted to recruit Dwyane Wade?

Wade was recruited by Marquette University, Illinois State, and DePaul University. His serious academic problems led him to not being recruited by more.