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Q: Is yellow flames are ideal for heating?
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Why is a Bunsen burner not used for heating when the air hole is closed?

When the air hole is closed, the flame is a luminous flame. This flame is not ideal for heating for the following reasons: it is not as hot as the non-luminous flame it is very unstable it produces a lot of soot thus, only non-luminous flames (the blue one) is ideal for heating. :)

What properties do yellow flames have?

There are different reasons for flames being yellow and the properties depend on the reason.

What The purpose of a thermostat is?

Thermostats are used to keep a constant. They maintain the 'ideal' conditions For example: - if you set your heating to come on at 20deg the thermostat will turn the heating on if the temp falls below your ideal 20 degree temperature. Once it has reached the ideal it will turn the heating off again.

Why does ZnO appear yellow on heating?

on heating,free electrons occupy spaces created by loss of oxygen from zno and turn yellow :)

Why is the yellow flame?

its highly visible and cooler than other coloured flames

Which solid turns yellow on heating?


What are the two kinds of flames produced by Bunsen burner?

The two types of flames a Bunsen burner can produce are a luminous, yellow flame and a "roaring" blue flame. The blue flame is much hotter than the yellow flame.

What are the different flames for a Bunsen burner and their usage?

* Yellow safety flame - Safe becasue you can see it easily and know it is there. Not used for heating because it creates soot. * Silent blue flame - Used to for gental heating and is silent and not very visible. * Roaring blue flame - Strongest heating setting and is made of two cones. The outside cone is the flame and it is blue , the inside cone is unburned gas that is purple.

What type of flame to heat up the beaker of water?

because yellow flames dont burn effectively and leave carbon so burning with yellow flames leaves soot on the glassware

Where can one go to purchase ideal boilers?

One can purchase fully functional ideal boilers of many different varieties from Ideal Heating. Many boiler parts and spares can be found at Ideal Parts as well.

Why does some wood burn with flame?

The hotter the flame, the less color (and light) given off. Bright, yellow flames are the result of carbon that has not been burned, where blue flames indicate a near total burning of the fuel. Other chemicals present in the wood can color flames- sometimes added for the appearance- red, yellow, blue, green.

What are the bad Bunsen burner flames?

The yellow flame, containing unburned carbon, is considered as bad.