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Q: Is winning the most significant thing that happens when you sports?
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What are the greatest things in sports?

Winning is the greatest thing. For some, it's the intense competition. It may also be the bonding that is created by being part of a team.

What is a winning outfit on webkinz?

any thing

What is significant about the Francophone's?

The significant thing about this question is the incorrect use of the apostrophe.

What is Michael jordan's favorite thing about basketball?

winning, competition

What three thing did olympic winners get for winning?

They Recieve Medals

What is the worst thing that happens during a tornado?

The worst thing is the damage caused by tornadoes. They can cause significant amounts of property damage as well as indirectly cause deaths by people getting struck by flying objects that have been damaged.

What football coach said winning isn't everything it's the only thing?

Both Henry 'Red' Sanders and Vince Lombardi said "Winning Isn't Everything. It's the Only Thing"

Who said winning is everything its the only thing?

Vin,ce lombardi

What is value of sports?

sports are the most best thing in the world

Is sports more of a boy thing?


What if where no such thing as sports?

Then we would all perish.

What was significant about the ceremony of the nines?

The thing that was significant about the ceremony of the nines is that they got their own bikes to have and to ride!