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Q: Is wcw coming back and will it be a new brand in WWE?
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Will any WWE legends be coming back to the WWE?

wwe will release the new WWE network in 2012 and it will feature a legends reality show. can't have a legends reality show without legends.

Is new age outlaws coming back to the WWE?

It Is Highly Unlikely. Last I Heard Billy Gunn was fired from WWE and Jesse James retired.

When will the undertaker come back in 2011?

According to WWE Magazine, Undertaker is coming back October 23 at a new WWE pay-per-view called Vengeance.

How old does something have to be to be considered retro?

Think about it, the styles that are coming back in, are what our parents wore. They say it's retro styles coming back, but we buy them at Dillards brand new. So the answer is it's a style. A style or fashion statement doesn't have an age except in your mind. They are always coming back "in" as a brand new idea.

When is WWE coming out with a new CD?


When is WWE coming to Atlantic City in New Jersey?

Check the WWE website for details.

Is Jeff hardy hardy coming back to WWE after loss to cm punk?

no Jeff hardy is a new face on tna wrestling

Who is the new woman wrestler coming to WWE?

Awesome Kong

When is WWE WrestleMania coming to new york?

WrestleMania 29

Is a new leprechaun coming out?

In around 2013 by WWE studios.

Are any former wresters coming back to WWE?

Ther are rumors that the rock may return for a short time to propote his new movie.

Why did Trish Leave WWE?

She said "the best time to leave is at the top of your game". "That's how legends are born". I for one wish trish would come back to the wwe, but that's just me. I hear that wwe is offering her thousands of dollars and offering her a new contract! So trish is probally coming back.

Who is coming to WWE?

no one knows. Just wait and see who is new.

Oil coming from muffler on Briggs and stratton lawn mower engine - primed with gas - why does it fire then quit - brand new engine?

If it is a brand new engine take it back to where you bought it. Because if you do anything to you will void your warranty.

Is the bogeyman still wrestling?

He is still a member on the ECW brand, he should be. Right now he is out with injury and may be coming back with a new gimmick.

When is Guns N Roses new CD coming out?

No date has been set yet, but there is a brand new single coming out this September.

Are oasis coming back?

New album coming out in august.

Will new jack come back to the WWE?

I highly doubt it.

When is the new roloff show starting?

The Roloffs are coming out with four brand new episodes, with the first coming out Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why is your brand new scooter leaking gas?

If your brand new scooter, is brand new, don't mess with it, take it back to where you bought it - you are liable to ruin the warranty if you mess with it.

Why is the WWE bringing back Tough Enough?

I Believe It is because WWE wants some new talent in their industry

Jodeci coming back with a new album?

Yes jodeci coming back whith a new album with devante and dalvin middle brother.

Why nxt moved to the WWE universe?

vince McMahon thought that ecw was not that popular as smackdown and raw, so he made a new brand called nxt to get more new exciting wrestlers that are young into the wwe

Who sings big shows entrance music?

Brand New Sin. Available on WWE Wreckless Intent

Is there a new WWE superstar coming to smackdown?

There are 2 superstars coming to rAW OR SMACKDOWN 1. Muccyman. 2. Billybob TAGE TEAM Muccybokings