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yes both men's and women's

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Q: Is water polo an Olympic sport?
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Is water polo a olympic sport?


Where is water polo played?

Water polo is a sport that is played in a pool. It is also an olympic sport that many countries compete in.

First Olympic team sport?

The first team sport in the Olympics was water polo.

When did water polo become an olympic sport?

my opinon is that declAN IS G**

Is horse polo an Olympic sport.?


Will polo ever be an olympic sport again?


When was water polo first played in the Olympics?

Water polo is a sport which has been contested in every Olympic Games since the 1900 Summer Olympic Games in Paris - and will be contested again in 2012.

Which sport was dropped from the olympic games in 1936?


In what year was water polo introduced to the Olympics?

First introduced as an Olympic sport in 1900. (according to NBC sports announcer)

If you can play polo with a hoese why carnt you play water polo with a horse?

those two sports are totally different the polo is the land sport and water polo is a water sport :D

What is the depth of the olympic water polo pool?

what is the depth of the olyimpic water polo pool

How many feet was the water polo pool in the 2012 Olympic games?

12.8 meters. It depends on the Olympic water polo pool it is.

What sport starts with the latter p?

Water polo or polo.

Is water polo a sport?

Yes it is.

Can you touch the ground in Olympic water polo?


What is a water sport at the Olympics?

During the Summer Olympic games, several water sports include swimming, diving and water polo. There is also canoeing and kayaking in the Olympics.

What is the famous water sport of Australia?

Water Polo

What is the most popular water sport?

water polo

What is the most dangerous water sport?

Water Polo

Olympic water polo pool depth?

The Olympic pool in China is reported to be 3m deep. ---- For top class water polo the minimum water depth is 1.8m

Examples of dual sport?

water polo ...

When was water polo introduced into the Olympic games?


What is Anne Fine's favorite sport?

Her favourite sport is water polo

What use to be an olympic sport?

Golf, tug of war, croquet, rugby union, polo.

What water sport has the most deaths by drowning?

water polo