Is watching the sport Luge exciting?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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yes very

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Q: Is watching the sport Luge exciting?
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What is the most exciting sport in the Winter Olympics?

I think the most exciting sport is the figure skating. I like watching the couples ice skate.

Is luge a team sport?

no it is not

Is Glue an anagram of a sport and if yes what sport?


What is JayWooz favorite sport?

Te luge

What is a 4 letter winter sport?

The luge

A winter sport that has four letters?


How do you pronounce the sport 'luge'?

You pronounce the word as "luje."

When was the sport luge first introduced to the Olympics?


What is the sport were a dude lies on you and you sled?

doubles luge

Why is bowling exciting?

Bowling is an exciting sport because it is fun. If you have friends you can have a competition to see who it the best. That is why it is a exciting sport.

Which winter sport requires participents to lie on their backs?

The luge.

What is a 3 letter word that goes with the sport luge?