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Depends on your religion but most religions agree that if it is sexual in nature, it is a sin to watch.

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Q: Is watching mixed wrestling a sin as a Christian?
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Do all preachers think watching wrestling is a sin?

Not all, but some do because they fell it resembles fighting and violence, which is obviously considered a sin.

Is watching cartoon a sin?

No, it isn't a sin.

Is a sin if you like wrestling?

God doesn't like wrestling...he only likes boxing.

Will Allah forgive your sins if you are a Christian?

No, if you are a Christian, you believe God will forgive you of every sin you commit if you are willing to repent, confess your sin, and forsake the sin you committed. Allah has no part in the Christian religion.

What does the Christian church believe about sin?

The christian church blieves that all have sin, it also believes the wages of sin is death. And that sin was washed with the blood of christ on the cross for all mankind.

Is Sin cara still wrestling?

Yes, but he is injured

Is watching girls twerk a sin?

yes it is

Is watching a sin?

I think that answering this stupid quistion is a SIN, no its not a sin, live freely and happily stop brainwashing your self

Is it a sin to eat?

It is a sin to eat blood or food mixed with blood. But other than that, it is not a sin to eat.

Is an atheist having a Christian friend a sin?

For an atheist, there is no sin in having a Christian friend. Nor should it ever be regarded as a sin for a Christian to have an atheist friend, a Muslim friend or, for example, a Buddhist friend. Surely the greater sin is for anyone to imagine that it is a sin to have friends who do not happen to share the same beliefs.

Is watching movie a sin?

I think that answering this stupid quistion is a SIN, no its not a sin, live freely and happily stop brainwashing your self

Is it a sin to befriend those who aren't a Christian if you are a Christian?

Definitely not.

Is wrestling a sin?

There are three components to sin; intent, situation, and the action itself. If you are intending to hurt someone while wrestling, you may perceive it as a sin. Situation is crucial to sin, as well; if a man is attempting to harm your family and you wrestle him to the ground in self-defense, is it a sin? Finally, the act itself; the act actually has little significance on the overall outcome of a situation. Sin is all in the "how" and "why".

When will WWE get sin cara masks?

sin cara maskes are actully copyed from japenese wrestling and they get his maks from japen

Is it a sin to touch yourself as a Christian?

i don't think it is good to do as a Christian

Is the original sin a universal concept?

No, "original sin" is basically a Christian concept.

Who is WWE sin cara?

Sin Cara's real name is Luis Alvirde. He was known as Mistico whilst wrestling in Mexico.

Is sin banderas Christian music?


Is it a sin for a Christian to wear a yarmulke?


Is it a sin for a Christian to work on Sunday's?


Did the wrestling wrestler sin Cara action figure come out in Kuwait?


Is Christian- Muslim marriage a sin?

there is no sin. marriages are made for love

How is the smallest wrestler on World Wrestling Entertainment?

rey mysterio or sin cara

If I eat instant-noodel-soup while watching the Pope celebrate holy mass on TV is that a sin?

No its not a sin, Relax!

What sin caused the man at bethesda to be crippled?

38 years at the pool watching no different from David watching Bathsheba.

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