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Yes. Volleyball players tend to run into each other when going for the ball. With badmitton, that's not possible.

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2010-05-25 10:57:37
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Q: Is volleyball more dangerous than badminton?
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Is football more dangerous than volleyball?

Yes, all forms of football are far more dangerous. [This is purely opinion and speculation, I suggest searching Google for Football accident and injury rates and comparing them with the same for Volleyball for a more objective answer.]

What are the basics of badminton?

like tennis, in badminton you hit a "ball" over a net with a racket. however for badminton you hit a "shuttlecock" which is the ball with feathers. the racket for badminton is also much lighter than a tennis racket mostly because the "ball" is lighter. badminton net is also higher, but not as high as a volleyball net

Why is an overhand serve dangerous and more difficult in volleyball?

its more difficult than an underhand serve because you throw it in the air and try to hit it. its more easier to do an underhand serve because you hold it your hand rather than throwing it in the air. its more dangerous because it goes in a faster speed than an underhand serve.

Do more men then women play volleyball?

No, there are definitely more women involved in volleyball than men.

How can you win volleyball?

You win at volleyball by scoring more points than the other team.

How many badminton players in the world?

more than you can count

What is the difference between womens volleyball and mens volleyball?

in mens volleyball, the net is higher than in womens volleyball in mens volleyball, the net is higher than in womens volleyball girl vball is more a bout control, and boys is more about power and hitting it hard.....even if it get hit out of bounce!

Is basketball more fun than badminton?

A matter of personal opinion

Is a mammal more dangerous than a reptile?

One is not inherently more dangerous than other other. You would have to compare them on a species by species basis. A crocodile is more dangerous than a mouse. A grizzly bear is more dangerous than a gecko.

Where can you learn different types of volleyball serves?

You can learn more than 31 different volleyball serves at this link.

What is volleyball subtitution?

A volleyball substitution is when a player (or more than one) leaves the game and is replaced by a player from the bench.

Are rhinoceros or crocodile more dangerous?

A rhinoceros is more dangerous than the crocodile.

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