Is van persie better than chamakh?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Yes Robin Van Persie the Dutch striker who joined Arsenal from Feynoord, is better then Mar one Chamakh, the reason being Persie takes corners, penalties and free kicks as well. Chamakh does not do them.

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Q: Is van persie better than chamakh?
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Is messi better than van persie?

yes messi is better than van persie

Is David villa better than r Robbin van persie?

No van persie is the best

Is drogba better than van persie?

NO! van persie scores more better quality goals and Drogba scores crap goals! so yeah Persie is better and Arsenal is the best team in the world better than Barcelona! Also Drogba is a crap footie playa!Van Persie is better than Messi

Who is better van persie or aguero?

Van persie by far

Who is better robin van persie or Rooney?

robin van persie

Who is better Luis Suarez or Robin van Persie?

van persie

Who is better Torres or van persie?

Of course Torres is better than van persie because chelsea have won the champions league of 2012 and arsenal were out in the 2nd round spain has won the euro 2012 and nedtherlands were out in their group and thats all for robin van persie. Haha loser van persie. =P

Who is better out of Robin Van persie and Fabregas?

Van persie in 2011-2012 season

Who is better player - van persie or nasri?

van persie because he is 5th best player in the world.

Who is better ronaldo or van persie?


Who is better hernandes or van persie?

Hernandez is.

Who is better Van der vaart or Robin Van persie?

Free kicks and precision-van persie. Long shot/finesse-van der vaart