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Why does that matter

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Q: Is undertakers ex wife sara dating?
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What is Kane and undertakers mom name?

Sara is Undertaker's now, ex-wife in real life...NOT his storyline mother's name.

Is Sarah the undertakers ex wife?


Is undertaker have child with sara?

He has two daughters with ex-wife Sara, and a son from his first ex-wife

Does the undertaker have kids from his wife?

He has a son from his first ex-wife, and with his second ex-wife (Sara) he has two daughters.

Is batista dating his ex-wife?


Who was undertaker's first wife?

Ex wife is named Sara. Current wife is Michelle McCool as of 26 June 2010

Is Sara the Undertaker's ex wife marry after divorce with undertaker?

No one knows.

Do undertaker have kids?

Yes he has 3. Two by his ex wife sara and one by his first wife jodi. 2 girls and a boy

What are those two tattoo on the undertaker's neck?

a skeletton and the name sara( it was his ex wife)

Is rhett akins dating anyone?

He is dating his ex wife Paige Braswell again.

How do you stop having nightmares about your ex wife?

start dating again

What would you do if your 14 year daughter is dating a 19 year old and my ex-wife is ok with it?

Tell your ex-wife to stay out of my daughter's love life.

Is Sara the Undertaker's ex wife dead?

No, she is still alive.

Is taylot lautner single 2012?

we don't know for sure but he might be dating his high-school ex Sara Hicks

What do you do if you're dating a divorced man that claims to be in love with his ex wife of 18 plus years and says he will always be there for her can he really love somebody else?

If you're dating a divorced man that claims to be in love with his ex wife of 18 plus years then i don't think he would really love somebody else, because he still in love with ex wife. If i were to be in your situation, i would stop going out with this divorced man. First of all, he doesn't really seem to love you, he can't let go of her ex wife and you still going out with that guy. In my opinion, i wouldn't date a guy that still has love for his ex wife, while your dating him, he is not really taking your relationship in a serious way. In conclusion, if he is still claims to be in love with his ex wife, then why is he dating you? Doesn't make any sense.

Does David Batista have a girlfriend or wife?

He hasdivorced his wife Angie but it is rumoured that he is dating ex ECW diva Rebecca

How do you know if your ex wife is dating again?

You don't, unless someone you can trust tells you, or you see her. But, as she is your ex-, why concern yourself about it!

Is the undertaker divorced?

yes the undertaker is divorced. if you have seen his neck he had a tattoo taht sayd Sara which is his ex- wife's name.

Is it ok for your wife to talk romatically with her ex who she left you for once while you were dating?

No. It's not ok.

Is it ex-wife or ex wife?


Is Lil Wayne still dating his ex-wife?

Toya'? No, he is not. That's why they got divorced. (:

Who is amare stoudemire's wife?

Carrie Stoudemire is Amare's mother, not his wife! He was dating Aleesha Renee, but now is seen with Kanye West's ex, Amber Rose.

If your dating a guy that always end's his call with his ex wife I love you is this appropriate?

Ugh no I don't think so

How to tell your ex wife you are dating again?

Letting your ex wife know your social schedule may be desirable in your situation, but is not something you are obligated to do. I would say that your method of telling her would correspond to your reason for telling her.

Who was lottie in father sun sun Johnson?

jakes ex wife