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Q: Is undertaker really bald
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Is undertaker bald?

No, he's not.

Does the undertaker have a hat-wig or is he bald?

he does not.

Why is undertaker going bald?

It comes with age.

Why did the undertaker shave his hair?

The undertaker shaved his hair because he was fond of alliteration and wished to become known as the Bald Bury-er.

Did the undertaker shave his head bald?

yes and kane have hair now

Did the undertaker really kill his family?


What bird is bald?

It's not really bald, but the bald eagle.

Are bald people really bald?


Was Charles the bald really bald?


Did undertaker is deadman really?

he is not really a deadman its a nickname like big evil undertaker.....

Is undertaker from WWE really dead?

No, the Undertaker is not dead.

Do bald eagles really exist?

Bald eagles are endangered, but they really exist.

Is undertaker leaving the WWE?

undertaker will leave when he really dies

Did undertaker really die when Kane buried him?

No undertaker was alive Yes undertaker was alive

Did undertaker really die and come back to life?

No,the undertaker did not die

Is really undertaker dead?

No, undertaker was not dead he has done a good act

On Ghost Hunters is Jason Hawes really bald or does he shave his head?

He really is bald.

Did Undertaker really burn his brother Kane27s face?

undertaker and kane aren't brothers, just really good friends

How did the undertaker really die?

l think undertaker is die from is brother Kane try to die big brother undertaker

Is undertaker really banned?


Is the undertaker in a coma?

no not really

Did Undertaker really kill his family?

Undertaker is living happily with his family. He did not kill anybody

Is undertaker really seeing someone else?

Yes, the Undertaker is seeing Melina Perez.

Did the undertaker really retire?

The Undertaker has not retired. He is taking time off to recover from surgery.

Bird with a bald head and brown body?

Unknown. To everyone who thinks so: the 'Bald Eagle' isn't really bald.