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Hopefully! However as the match between Triple H and The Undertaker at WrestleMania 28 was named the 'End of An Era' match I pressume this is the Undertakers last match and hence, the end of the Undertakers era. But, you never know, The Undertaker is a strong guy for 47, so you never know, but I think I'm right in thinking this is the end of the Undertakers streak at WrestleMania :'(

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โˆ™ 2012-05-27 17:45:56
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Q: Is undertaker coming back to WWE next WrestleMania?
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Is undertaker retried?

Well at wrestlemania 25 it was undertaker vs Shawn micheals and at summer slam I HAVE BEEN TOLD Shawn micheals is coming back but the undertaker i do not no about but he will be retriering in the next 5 years

Did The Undertaker retire after Wrestlemania 30?

The Undertaker is going to retire the next day at WrestleMania 32 when he faces Sting.

When is undertaker coming back in 2009?

The Undertaker Is Coming Back In SEPTEMBER 9, 19 , 2009 but If I,m Wrong Then At Either The Next ROYALRUMBLE or NO WAY OUT or UNFORGIVEN $#@& yOu aLL!!!!!!!

When will be undertaker's next match?

The undertakers next match is at wrestlemania 28 where he is going to face hhh

Will undertaker come back to WWE after WrestleMania 25?

His wife, Sara, just had a child so he might be out until next January

How is undertaker injuries after WrestleMania?

He is okay he will be able to wrestle next Friday though.

Who will face the undertaker at wrestelmania 28?

John cena No, Cena is not facing the Undertaker. The Undertaker's next WrestleMania opponent has not been revealed yet.

When is john cena coming with a new theme?

This next Wrestlemania!!!!

On smackdown vs raw 2009 road to WrestleMania can you get past WrestleMania?

You can't .even if your undertaker,you beat boogyman an wrestlemania save and go off .the next time you go back on you can do it again but it wont do anything .so once you done a road to wrestlemania, beaten your opponent at wrestlemania delete the file so you have more room.

Will the undertaker come back with the ministry of darkness?

No. The Undertaker will retire in the next 2 years

What is the next WWE pay-per view and will the undertaker come back there?

As of when this question was added,the next ppv is survivor series and no the undertaker won't be there.

How many wrestlmanias has john cena been in?

WrestleMania 19 he just rap he doesn't had a match , WrestleMania 20 vs Big Show .WrestleMania 21 vs JBL (he won his first WWE tittle ) WrestleMania 22 vs Triple H , WrestleMania 23 vs Shawn Michaels , WrestleMania 24 vs Randy Orton vs Triple H WrestleMania 25 vs Edge vs Big Show , WrestleMania 26 vs Batista , WrestleMania 27 vs Miz , WrestleMania 28 vs Rock ....And he will have more probably next WrestleMania will be agains Undertaker and Undertaker will lost

When is undertaker coming back?

He is coming back next Friday, September 4, 2009. He was on leave because his wife, Sara, had a baby. He actually came back at SummerSlam and helped Jeff Hardy beat up CM Punk in a TLC Match.summerslam 2010

Is rock going to wrestle again?

yeah he's back on raw host of the next wrestlemania

When is WrestleMania coming to Florida again?

never Actually never is not a correct answer. Wrestlemania normally only searches for a site roughly 18 months ahead of time. Mainly so they can announce at the current Wrestlemania where the next one will be held. Vince and the WWE were very happy with the Citrus Bowl and is interested in bringing Wrestlemania back to Orlando. But it most likely won't be for at least 7 years.

Is Zidane coming back next year?


When is Y2J coming back?

next monday

When is the next eclipse coming back?

in 2036

What is undertakers next apponent at WrestleMania 26?

Shawn Michael's is undertakers next opponent at WrestleMania 26.

Why is the undertaker not appearing in WWE?

He might not be at Wrestlemania 29 this year because of health issues. He was meant to have a Wrestlemania match with CM Punk but hasn't been on WWE due to health issues. There have been reports that he'll wrestle one final match at Wrestlemania 30 and then retire the next night on Raw.

Can you unlock stonecold in svr2009?

No, he is not in the game and he is not an unlockable character. He will be in the next WWE game, though. WWE Legends of WrestleMania which will be coming out this march. :]

When Is the next Wrestlemania?

WrestleMania 27 is going to be on April 3, 2011 in Atlanta.

When is Tony Romo coming back?

They Say He Is Coming Back Vs Cardinals But Im Guessing Next Season

When is Waterloo road back on tv?

It will be coming back next year (In november)

When will undertacker return after WrestleMania?

It is not finalized yet. But he will definitely return for a match next wrestlemania