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Q: Is undertaker coming back from his buried alive match against the cane?
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Is the undertaker coming back from being buried alive by Kane?

of course :P

Is the undertaker dead buried alive?

yes the undertaker is alive

Is undertaker alive after the buried alive match with Kane?

No hes coming back this february on the 21st. If he was i would have stopped watching wrestling Undertaker 4 ever!

Was undertaker buried alive?


Is the undertaker really buried alive?


Is undertaker coming back to WWE after begin buried alive?

yes and he is going to destroy Kane & paul bearer.

How does the undertaker get buried alive?

he was buried alive during a pay per view but it was not real

What date undertaker died?

undertaker isny dead yo twats he got buried alive at bragging rights but hes coming back at wrestlemania 27

Is the Undertaker dead after the buried alive match?

the undetaker IS coming back. when i dont know when but the undertaker will come back like he always does. I HOPE :(

Was it Kane who buried the Undertaker alive?

After the match Undertaker won ,but the Nexus came and pushed him in the grave . They buried him

What date was it when undertaker got buried?

He is alive !

How did the Undertaker get buried alive?

Kane baried him