Is undertaker alive 2010

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: Is undertaker alive 2010
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When was the Undertaker buried alive?

At bragging right 2010.

Will undertaker be back after the buried alive match 2010?


Did undertaker really die 2010?

no its all rubbbishNo Hes alive

Who won the 2010 buried alive match undertaker vs Kane?

i dont know but i do know undertaker is better

When will the undertaker return after the buried alive match in October 24 2010?

Undertaker returned February 21, 2011.

Will undertaker come back after being buried alive by Kane in 2010?


Is the undertaker dead buried alive?

yes the undertaker is alive

Is undertaker died or alive?

He is alive.

Is undertaker is died or alive?

He is alive.

Did Undertaker die or it is rumor?

The Undertaker is still alive.

List of all Buried Alive matches?

undertaker vs mankind in your house buried alive 96 undertaker vs stone cold steve austin in your house rock bottom 98 undertaker and big show vs the rock and mankind smackdown 99 undertaker vs vince mcmahon survivor series 03 undertaker vs kane bragging rights 2010

What did Kane do to undertaker on WWE 2010?

first heres how the story goes. the undertaker was thought dead by Kane then the fake death was blamed on rey mysterio when the undertaker told Kane. the undertaker got mad at Kane they fought in hell in a cell. then the undertaker fought Kane in a buried alive match Kane buried the undertaker alive. sadly to beloved fans, but you know he might come back one day.