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The Undertaker is still alive.

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Q: Did Undertaker die or it is rumor?
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Is the undertaker die aug 1 they say him and Jon cinna were pratcking and he broke his neak?

NO, THE UNDERTAKER IS NOT DEAD! This is just a stupid rumor.

Is undertaker dead as of aug 1st 2012?

NO, the Undertaker is not dead. That is just a stupid rumor some idiot started.

Is the rumor true that the Undertaker is returning at Survivor series?

Well is it. hell yeah

Did the WWE superstar undertaker die in 2012?

No, the Undertaker did not die.

How did the undertaker really die?

l think undertaker is die from is brother Kane try to die big brother undertaker

Did undertaker really die and come back to life?

No,the undertaker did not die

What caused the undertaker to die?

Undertaker is not deas as yet.

Did the undertaker die in 2012?

No, he did not die.

When did the undertaker die?

undertaker didn't really die, it was just written for him to 'die' in the script. But he no longer is in the wwe.

Did the undertaker die in a practice match with john cena?

No he did not die. The Undertaker is alive and well.

Did undertaker really die when Kane buried him?

No undertaker was alive Yes undertaker was alive

Did undertaker die last week?

no undertaker did not die the wwe are just pretending that he is dead but undertaker will return on night of champions in 2010

Did the undertaker die from a neck injurie?

No, he did not. The Undertaker is alive and well.

Did the undertaker died in WWE wrestling 2012?

NO, the Undertaker did not die.

Did Undertaker's son die?

No he did not

Will undertaker's memory die or not?


Will WWE undertaker die?


How many wrestlers from WWE die?

undertaker wrong undertaker is not dead

Did undertaker die while practiceing with jhoncena?

No, the Undertaker didn't die. I do not understand why people keep asking this.

Did The Undertaker die due to a heart attack?

No. The Undertaker didn't die of a heart attack after Wrestlemania 27.

Is undertaker dead and how did he die?

Undertaker will never die, if he dies the wwe will keep it a secret and they already have a young wrestler that will act like undertaker once the now undertaker thats how undertaker will never die but micheal callaway will. but he is acctually only 45-6 years.

When did Mariano Rumor die?

Mariano Rumor died on 1990-01-22.

When did Karl Rumor-Ast die?

Karl Rumor-Ast died in 1971.

How many times has the undertaker died?

seven times did undertaker has been die

Will the Undertaker die?

every 1 will die, its no joke.