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That depends on where you are, and whether you're talking about water skiing or snow skiing.

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Q: Is today a good day to go skiing?
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Is today a good day to go swimming?

yes yes if it is not cold or windy perfect day to go to the pool

when is a good time to go heli skiing?

Heli skiing is done during the winter months because you need snow. Which is why it is called skiing. Exactly when, I do not know. I am not an expert on skiing.

What are the states good for skiing?

It depends on where you go. Colorado is a good one to ski in. There are a few good resorts in Pennsylvania and New York. I think that in the winter, where ever you go that is in the mountainous parts of the US would be good for skiing.

Does Cara Nicole gosselin like skiing?

Yes. Cara Gosselin loves skiing. on her very first day of skiing, Cara graduated from a baby hill and hit the slopes because she was so good. She loved it so much that when her turn came to take a trip alone, she chose to go skiing in Utah, with Jon.

Which month would be good to go to skiing?

well the best time to start to go skiing is when all the hills are open after the first 12 snow falls

Is Ireland a good skiing country?

Ireland does not get enough snow to have constant places for skiing in winter, so it is not good for skiing. There are no ski resorts in Ireland. Irish people who want to ski go to other countries to do so.

What do kids in Norway do for fun?

In Norway it's very popular to go skiing in the summer, even kids go skiing! Outside activities are played in summer and winter. Today skiing is Norway's national sport, don't you find that interesting? hmmmm i THINK i do, but that's what kids in Norway do most of their time. Did you know that Norway is one of the largest coffee consumers today?

What type of climate is good for skiing in June or July?

In the desert you can go skiing on the sand hills its really fun I went last week :)

What do the people in liechtenstein do for entertainment?

they go skiing and surfing swimming and have a good time

You can do this on snow or water?

you can go skiing.... snow skiing or water skiing

When is the best time of year to go skiing?

Well that certainly depends on where you plan on skiing. Different destinations have different optimal times. Also, it depends on your tastes. If you don't like crowds, spring skiing may be best for you but the snow won't be as good.I would say about March is a good time to go skiing if you are going to somewhere like France

Today Is a Good Day in Gaelic?

In Irish it's "Tá an lá go maith inniu"

What is a good place to go water skiing in VA?

Since I live in VA.I enjoy water skiing on Smith Mountain Lake. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!

How often should you wax your skis?

I always wax mi skies every week and every day even if i don't go skiing You should wax your skis every month or before and after you go skiing

Why do people go water skiing?

Most people go water skiing for the fun of it.

What is the best color to wear if you go skiing?

Any color you like is good. It depends where you are Skiing though. Bright colors would be advisable so other people can see you.

Where can one go to do some heli skiing?

You can do heli skiing overseas. You can go to Europe and enjoy heli skiing for a cost. You can check an agency to determine which ski resorts you are interested in and what the cost is for heli skiing.

What are some good places to go skiing in Canada?

The best places to go skiing in Canada are, Whistler in British Columbia, Canada. Another great place to ski is Kicking Horse Resort, also in British Columbia, Canada.

What month is the best month to go skiing in Australia?

August is probably the best month for skiing. Sometimes the snow is a bit late to come, and July cannot guarantee good snowfalls.

What are some good extreme reading challenge ideas?

go to a theme park, go skiing, go on a zipwire, go swimming or sit on the top of a car with abook.

Can you go skiing on Atlas Mountains?

you can go skiing anywhere in the world that has snow or artificial snow surfaces

What time of year is it good to go skiing in Austria?

In the winter time! Go in mid-January when it is coldest. Or in February if you don't want it to cold.

What can you do to stop your period when you go skiing?

Why do you need to stop your period to go skiing are you plannong on having sex on the mountain in that case talk to you DR. if not thenjust use a tampon and bring an extra one just in case. They are good for 6-8 hours.

What are the lyrics to the song 'If Today Was Your Last Day'?

Go to this link for the lyrics if-today-was-your-last-day-lyrics.html

What is 'It's good weather to go skiing' in Italian?

E' un bel tempo per andare a sciare.