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Q: Is this trade in fantasy hockey of my solid Craig Anderson for ondrej pavelec and Patrice Bergeron good for me?
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When was Miroslav Pavelec born?

Miroslav Pavelec was born in 1927.

What is OndΕ™ej Pavelec's birthday?

Ondřej Pavelec was born on August 31, 1987.

When was OndΕ™ej Pavelec born?

Ondřej Pavelec was born on August 31, 1987.

How tall is Ondrej Pavelec?

NHL player Ondrej Pavelec is 6'-03''.

What NHL team does Ondrej Pavelec play for?

Ondrej Pavelec plays for the Winnipeg Jets.

What position does Ondrej Pavelec play?

Ondrej Pavelec plays goalie for the Winnipeg Jets.

What is Ondrej Pavelec's number on the Winnipeg Jets?

Ondrej Pavelec is number 31 on the Winnipeg Jets.

Where was Ondrej Pavelec born?

Ondrej Pavelec was born in Kladno, Czechoslovakia on 08-31-87.

Does Ondrej Pavelec shoot right or left?

NHL player Ondrej Pavelec shoots left.

How much does Ondrej Pavelec weigh?

NHL player Ondrej Pavelec weighs 220 pounds.

How old is OndΕ™ej Pavelec?

Ondřej Pavelec is 24 years old (birthdate: August 31, 1987).

When was Ted Pavelec born?

Ted Pavelec was born on November 4, 1918, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.

When did Ted Pavelec die?

Ted Pavelec died on April 15, 2005, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Starting golie for the Atlanta thrashers?

Ondrej Pavelec

What actors and actresses appeared in Babovresky - 2013?

The cast of Babovresky - 2013 includes: Pavel Kikincuk as Starosta Jan Kuzelka as Innkeeper Miro Noga as Adams father Ondrej Pavelec as himself Radek Zima as Robert

What actors and actresses appeared in Babovresky 2 - 2014?

The cast of Babovresky 2 - 2014 includes: Pavel Kikincuk as Starosta Bronislav Kotis as Inspector Premysl Kubista as Bishop Jan Kuzelka as Innkeeper Ondrej Pavelec as himself Michal Pavlata as Vicar Radek Zima

Who are the 20 best NHL Goalies right now?

1.Jonathan Quick 2.Pekka Rinne 3.Ryan Miller 4.Jaroslav Halak 5.Tim Thomas 6.Thomas Vokoun 7.Antii Niemi 8.Henrik Lundqvist 9.Roberto Luongo 10.Marc Andre Fleury 11.Cam Ward 12.Niklas Backstrom 13.Rick Dipietro 14.Martin Brodeur 15.Craig Anderson 16.Ilya Bryzgalov 17.Semyon Varlamov 18.Miikka Kiprusoff 19.Ondrej Pavelec 20.Jose Theodore

What movie and television projects has Ted Pavelec been in?

Ted Pavelec has: Played Goon in "Gentleman Joe Palooka" in 1946. Played Sparring Partner in "Joe Palooka in Fighting Mad" in 1948. Played Irish Dick Calloway in "Fireside Theatre" in 1949. Played Tiny, a Prizefighter in "Joe Palooka in the Big Fight" in 1949. Played Sparring Partner in "Right Cross" in 1950. Played Muller in "Million Dollar Pursuit" in 1951. Played Bennie in "Four Star Playhouse" in 1952. Played Goldy in "Glory Alley" in 1952. Played Marine in "Miss Sadie Thompson" in 1953. Played Fighter in "The Harder They Fall" in 1956. Played Officer in "The Frank Sinatra Show" in 1957. Played Detective in "Man with a Camera" in 1958.

What hockey goalies wear jersey number 31?

Richard Bachman (Dallas Stars) Dan Ellis (Carolina Hurricanes) Jeff Frazee (New Jersey Devils) Philipp Grubauer (Washington Capitals) Matt Hackett (Minnesota Wild) Chad Johnson (Phoenix Coyotes) Antti Niemi (San Jose Sharks) Ondrej Pavelec (Winnipeg Jets) Carey Price (Montreal Canadiens)

What actors and actresses appeared in Million Dollar Pursuit - 1951?

The cast of Million Dollar Pursuit - 1951 includes: Don Beddoe as Bowen George Brand as Parker Norman Budd as Monte Norris Ed Cassidy as Deputy Sheriff Edward Clark as Holcomb Mikel Conrad as Louie Palino John De Simone as Speed Nelson Penny Edwards as Ronnie LaVerne John Hamilton as Police Inspector Morgan Paul Hurst as Ray Harvey Ted Pavelec as Muller Denver Pyle as Nick Algren Noel Reyburn as Henley Sam Sebby as Driver Jack Shea as Police Lieut. Spears Grant Withers as Carlo Petrov

What actors and actresses appeared in Joe Palooka in the Big Fight - 1949?

The cast of Joe Palooka in the Big Fight - 1949 includes: Benny Baker as Fight Secretary David Bruce as Tom Conway Bert Conway as Pee Wee Leon Errol as Knobby Walsh Eddie Gribbon as Canvasback Harry Hayden as Commissioner Harris Taylor Holmes as Dr. Benson John Indrisano as Referee Lou Lubin as Talmadge Ian MacDonald as Mike Greg McClure as Dutch Grady Frances Osborne as Wardrobe Mistress Ted Pavelec as Tiny, a Prizefighter Lina Romay as Maxine Jack Roper as Scranton Lyle Talbot as Lt. Muldoon Harry Tyler as Chandler Virginia Welles as Anne Howe

What actors and actresses appeared in Glory Alley - 1952?

The cast of Glory Alley - 1952 includes: Larry Anzalone as Fighter Louis Armstrong as Shadow Johnson Frank Arnold as Waiter Joan Barton as Chorus Girl Chet Brandenburg as Waiter Paul Bryar as Cab Driver Leslie Caron as Angela Evans Barrie Chase as Chorus Girl Leo Cleary as Pastor James Conaty as Meeting Attendee Gene Coogan as Club Patron Jonathan Cott as Lieutenant John Damler as Major King Donovan as Telephone Technician Robert Foulk as Bouncer Jack Gargan as President Truman George Garver as Newsboy Addams Larry Gates as Dr. Robert Ardley John George as Dwarf Vendor Pat Goldin as Jabber Joe Gray as Fighter Suzy Greene as Minor Role Kit Guard as Raffle Ticket Buyer Don Haggerty as Gambler Carl Harbaugh as Waiter John Indrisano as Spider, the Bartender Larry Keating as Philip Louis Bennson Bert Keyes as Gambler Joi Lansing as Chorus Girl Mickey Little as Domingo Herbert Lytton as Dr. Barcall Beryl McCutcheon as Chorus Girl David McMahon as Frank, the Policeman Joe McTurk as Ring Announcer Ralph Meeker as Socks Barbarrosa Louis Mercier as Waiter Emile Meyer as General Ted Pavelec as Goldy Jack Perry as Gambler John Pickard as Policeman Gilbert Roland as Peppi Donnato Erin Selwyn as Chorus Girl Dan Seymour as Sal Nichols (The Pig) Sammy Shack as Fight Fan Court Shepard as himself Charles Sherlock as Man in Gym Dick Simmons as Dan Carl Sklover as Gambler Charles Sullivan as Raffle Ticket Buyer Phil Tead as Tom, NYC Sportswriter Jack Teagarden as Musician Pat Valentino as Terry Waulker Eve Whitney as Chorus Girl Max Willenz as French Waiter Harry Wilson as Pug in Saloon

What actors and actresses appeared in Right Cross - 1950?

The cast of Right Cross - 1950 includes: Mimi Aguglia as Mom Monterez Jackie Barnett as Patron Margaret Bert as Maid Robert Board as Bob Lynton Brent as Photographer William Cabanne as Bob Teresa Celli as Marina Monterez Mack Chandler as Patron Russ Clark as Referee Harry Cody as Patron James Conaty as Nightclub Patron John Crawford as Photographer Jack Daley as Turnkey Bert Davidson as Fourth Reporter Edgar Dearing as Ring Announcer King Donovan as Fifth Reporter Juan Duval as Night Club Waiter Franklyn Farnum as Man in Fight Crowd Frank Ferguson as Dr. George Esmond David Fresco as Gump, Assistant Trainer Sig Frohlich as Photographer John Gallaudet as Phil Tripp Kit Guard as Kit John Hamilton as Horse Owner Tom Hanlon as Sports Announcer Jim Hayward as Mike, Police Desk Sergeant Larry Keating as Second Reporter Barry Kelley as Allan Goff Joseph La Cava as Photographer Eddie Lou Simms as Marty Lynn Wally Maher as First Reporter Thomas Martin as Bartender Harold Miller as Fight Spectator John Mitchum as Sixth Reporter Marilyn Monroe as Dusky Ledoux Ricardo Montalban as Johnny Monterez Bert Moorhouse as Steam Bath Patron Ted Pavelec as Sparring Partner Bob Perry as Timekeeper James Pierce as Moe, Bath House Attendant Dick Powell as Rick Garvey Tom Powers as Tom Balford Suzanne Ridgeway as Girl at Training Camp Dewey Robinson as Heldon Hanger-On Cosmo Sardo as Waiter Harry Shannon as Haggerty Court Shepard as Al Heldon Harry Stanton as Assistant Trainer Marianne Stewart as Audrey Kenneth Tobey as Ken, the Third Reporter Smoki Whitfield as Nassau June Whitley Taylor as Nurse Ulysses Williams as Boxer Being Knocked Out David Wolfe as Handler

What actors and actresses appeared in The Frank Sinatra Show - 1957?

The cast of The Frank Sinatra Show - 1957 includes: Jack Albertson as Mr. Price John Archer as Clay Welles Irving Bacon as Ed Bailey Anne Bancroft as Carol Welles Joey Bishop as himself Joe Bishop as himself Lloyd Bridges as Johnny Maitland Belinda Burrell as herself Judy Cannon as Lois Macdonald Carey as Paul Armstrong Jeannie Carson as herself Mary Costa as herself Johnny Crawford as Gaby Bing Crosby as himself Pat Crowley as Grace Hatten Susan Cummings as Miss Douglas Jimmy Durante as himself Edith Evanson as Mrs. Wasson Ray Ferrell as Roy Hatten Ella Fitzgerald as herself Mitzi Gaynor as herself Hermione Gingold as herself Tom Hansen Dancers as Themselves Barbara Heller as herself Bob Hope as himself Lena Horne as herself Glynis Johns as Christine Nolan Spike Jones as Himself - Bandleader Peter Lawford as himself Cloris Leachman as Helen Wasson Peggy Lee as herself Margie Liszt as Mrs. Callahan Celia Lovsky as Mme. Blautsky Maurice Manson Maurice Manson as B.J. Kaye Jerry Martin as Claude Dean Martin as himself Eugene Mazzola as Young Boy Sean McClory as Otis Chance Ethel Merman as herself Robert Mitchum as Guest Robert Mitchum as himself Red Norvo as himself Kim Novak as herself Michael Pate as Paul Dupres Ted Pavelec as Officer Phillip Pine as Tony Elvis Presley as himself Louis Prima as Himself - Guest Juliet Prowse as herself The Ralph Brewster Singers as Themselves Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra as Themselves Nelson Riddle as himself George Rock as himself Eleanor Roosevelt as herself Jane Ross as herself Janice Rule as Betty Evers Hugh Sanders as J.D. McLaughlin Penny Santon as Mrs. Price Irene Seidner Anne Seymour as Mrs. Schulte Dinah Shore as herself Nancy Sinatra as herself Frank Sinatra as himself Frank Sinatra as Himself - Host Frank Sinatra as Kerry Maul Sydney Smith as Edward Mallinson Keely Smith as Herself - Guest Rickie Sorensen as Jimmy Jo Stafford as Herself - Guest Edgar Stehli as Ferney Scott Pat Suzuki Ray Teal as Sheriff Tremont Phyllis Thaxter as Jean Armstrong Barbara Turner as Shirley Katherine Warren as Madam Dupres David Wayne as Joe Hearn Jesse White Jesse White as himself Christine White as Laura Esmay Jesse White as Marty Potter Natalie Wood as herself Dodie Wright as Muriel

What actors and actresses appeared in The Harder They Fall - 1956?

The cast of The Harder They Fall - 1956 includes: Jack Albertson as Pop Edward Andrews as Jim Weyerhause Val Avery as Frank Max Baer as Buddy Brannen Al Baffert as Fighter Emily Belser as New York Reporter Julie Benedic as Statuesque Blonde Eve Bernhardt as Newspaper Reporter Tony Blankley as Benko Son Humphrey Bogart as Eddie Willis Penny Carpenter as Benko Daughter Marian Carr as Alice Tina Carver as Mrs. Benko Edwin Chandler as Chicago Television Announcer Winnie Chandler as Fight Fan George Cisar as Fight Manager Pat Comiskey as Gus Dundee Lillian Culver as Mrs. Wilson Harding Jack Daly as Reporter Patricia Dane as Shirley Vinnie De Carlo as Joey Matty Fain as Fight Manager Herbie Faye as Max Abel Fernandez as Chief Firebird Paul Frees as Priest Gil Frye as Minor Role Robert Fuller as Minor Role Ralph Gamble as Reporter Tommy Garland as Fighter Eddie Garr as Fight Manager Charles Gibb as Minor Role Everett Glass as Minister Benny Goldberg as San Diego Referee Joe Greb as Joey Greb - Fighter Frank Hagney as Referee William Henry as Fight Arena Locker Room Guard Tommy Herman as Tommy Joe Herrera as Referee Vic Holbrook as Fight Fan Bob Hopkins as San Diego Ring Announcer Charles Horvath as Fighter Roy Jenson as Fighter Jersey Joe Walcott as George Don Kelly as Minor Role Don Kohler as Reporter Rusty Lane as Danny McKeogh Mike Lane as Toro Moreno Peter Leeds as Dundee Fight Ring Announcer Larry Leverett as Reporter Harry Lewis as New York Ring Announcer Mark Lowell as Minor Role William Marks as Minor Role Frank McClure as Reporter at Hospital Joseph Mell as Ring Announcer Mort Mills as Reporter in Hospital Frank Mitchell as Dundee Referee Irving Mitchell as House Doctor - New York Dennis Moore as Reporter Felice Orlandi as Vince Fawcett Ted Pavelec as Fighter Nehemiah Persoff as Leo Stafford Repp as Reporter Alan Reynolds as Reporter Eli Rill as Minor Role Joanne Rio as Las Vegas Showgirl Jack Roper as Fighter Wally Rose as Salinas Referee Abe Roth as Referee Sandy Sanders as Reporter Cosmo Sardo as Fight Crowd Spectator Fred Scheiwiller as Fighter Mark Scott as Reporter Rod Steiger as Nick Benko Jan Sterling as Beth Willis Bert Stevens as Fight Crowd Spectator Angela Stevens as Girl Hal Taggart as Fight Crowd Spectator Charles Tannen as Reporter Ferris Taylor as House Doctor - Chicago Arthur Tovey as Fight Rooter Pat Valentino as Milk Fund Fighter Gloria Victor as Pretty Girl Russ Whiteman as Reporter Ulysses Williams as Boxer Being Knocked Out in Salinas