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Mostly some play futball which is another form of of our soccer

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Q: Is there unusual sports in Peru?
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What would be considered an unusual sports product?

An unusual sports product would be considered as an unusual sports product would be cricket.

What sports are from Peru?

The Most popular sports in Peru are soccer and volleyball respectively followed by boxing and racing.

What are Peru's sports?


What are sports in Peru?

they play soccer

What are Haiti's unusual sports?


What are Unusual sports in Ghana?


Sports played in Peru?

they play football in Peru and that game where everyone kills each other

What are all the sports that are played in Peru?

mostly soccer

What are some sports that they play in Peru?

horse shoes

What kind of sports and music do they like in Peru?

in Peru they like to play soccer and listen to native music

What tv Chanel is the Super Bowl on in Peru?

Fox Sports

What sports are popular in peru?

they play soccer