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Yes if there was time wasted

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Q: Is there stoppage time for first half of soccer match?
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When are the 3 times you can sub in a soccer game?

Substitutions are allowed at any time during a game and teams are allowed to make three substitutions in a match.

The final 45 minutes of a soccer game?

A soccer match lasts 90 minutes. However, due to injuries and other stoppages, usually a little additional time is played by the referee, at his discretion. So the final minutes could be from anytime when you get close to the end of 90 minutes into the additional time that may be played.

How many minutes for each half of a regular soccer game?

There are usually 45 minutes in the first half, not counting any stoppage time the referee decides to add on to it.

How many periods in a soccer match?

There are two 45 minute periods in regulation, with upto 10 minutes injury time in each period (if needed). There is also extra time (15 mins each half) if it is a draw at the end of the match. There is also penalties after extra time. In some matches there is golden goal which is when you need to score a goal to win. If penalties are a draw the is sudden death when you have to score a penalty to win. So in total there are 7 periods (not including injury time). Complicated, isn't it?

How long is the rest period between a soccer match half's?

10 minutes

What is a soccer analyst?

The commentators on TV after half time, that talk about the shots and passes of the match.

What do set of numbers after the scores mean in soccer match results?

in the champions league or other 2 legged matches the number of goals scored in the first match. In other matches the score at half time

What is the normal duration of one half of football match?

45 minutes (actual playing time; i.e. 45 minutes plus any stoppage time necessary).

How long is a time period in World Cup Soccer?

A half or period is 45 minutes with additional minutes added for stoppage. Which can make a period up to 50 or more minutes.

What do they witness at the soccer match in The Kite Runner?

They witness a woman and a man get stoned during the half time

How long is each half in a professional soccer game?

Each half has 45 minutes. Plus injury time.

How do they determine stoppage time in soccer?

The referee is the person who determines how long is given. When a player is injured or a substitution is made, he just keeps a wee eye on his watch and at the end of the half is adds the time on.