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The Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in the 1950s. They are now known as the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Q: Is there still a Brooklyn dogers team?
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Why do the Brooklyn dogers fans want their team to win so badly?

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What were all the teams that Jackie Robinson was on?

Brooklyn Dogers

When did Jackie Robinson make the Brooklyn Dogers?


What was the name of Jackie Robison's team?

The Dogers

What team did Jackie Robinson play for after the black panthers?

After Jackie played on the Black Panthers he played on a team called Montreal. Then Jackie Robinson was number 42 on the Brooklyn Dogers

Are the Brooklyn dodgers still a major league team?

Yes and No. The Dodgers are still a major league team, however they moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles after the 1957 season.

Is the Boston Celtics still a team?

No they traded their team to the Brooklyn Nets

What year did the Brooklyn dogers move to Los Angeles?

The Dodgers moved to Los Angeles after the 1957 season.

What are major sports teams in California?

dogers i like the team

What team did magic Johnson partly own?

The L.A dogers

What was the first team that drafted Jackie Robinson?

the dogers in 1947

What was Jackie Robinson first team and what year was it in?

He played for the dogers in 1947

Why does Ebbets field no longer exist?

The dogers moved from Brooklyn to Los Angelas after the 1957 season. So there was no need for Ebbets field.

What team does the Dogers play for?

Los Angeles for baseball

Are the Brooklyn dodgers still a baseball team?

no they have been the Los Angeles Dodgers since '58

How many World Series titles did the Brooklyn Dodgers win?

The Brooklyn Dodgers won 1 World Seires title in 8 World Series appearances. The Brooklyn Dodgers beat the New York Yankees in the 1955 World Series. The Brooklyn Dogers were called the Robins from 1914-1931.

When did the dogers win the World Series?

The Brooklyn-Los Angeles Dodgers franchise won World Series in 1955, 1959, 1963, 1965, 1981 and 1988.

When did Brooklyn - cycling team - end?

Brooklyn - cycling team - ended in 1977.

When was Brooklyn - cycling team - created?

Brooklyn - cycling team - was created in 1973.

What state did the dogers play for in 1960?

where did Jackie robinson play for the dogers

What are the dogers colors?

The Los Angeles Dodgers were founded in 1883, and were originally called the Brooklyn Atlantics. They moved to Los Angeles for the 1958 season and their colors are blue and white, with a red number.

What year did the Brooklyn Dodgers become a baseball team?

That was 1883 when the team known as the Brooklyn Atlantics was formed.

Who are the famous Brooklyn Dodgers?

The famous Brooklyn Dodgers were a baseball team.

What was the name of the Brooklyn team before it was the dodgers?

They were called the Brooklyn Bridegrooms because most of the team members had wives.

Is the Brooklyn Dodgers a Negro league team?

No. The Brooklyn Dodgers were a Major League team who became the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1958.