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just the education you need to get a good job to fall back on if you get injured and are out for a while.

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Q: Is there special training needed to become a professional skateboarder?
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What is the education needed to become a professional skateboarder?

you need NO!!!!!... education to be a pro skateboarder, maybe some English

When did Chris Cole become a professional skateboarder?

In the year 2000 Chris attained professional status.

What is OJT or on the job training?

On the job training that helps the students to become a young professional.

How does someone become a Professional Skateboard rider?

Becoming a professional skateboard rider is a matter of competing in events and winning money. This also can lead to sponsorship, the second way of making money as a professional skateboarder.

How much education does it take to become a professional business economist?

To become a professional business economist requires graduate training.

How can you become a sponsored skateboarder?

become hella good

How can you become a good skateboarder?


Is there any specific training to become a moving professional?

To become a moving professional, there does not appear to be any type of specific training. Professional movers may be trained by the company they are hired to work in bending and lifting the correct way.

How did Ryan sheckler become a pro?

Ryan sheckler became a pro skateboarder after he won a local skate competition when he was about ten. he began to gain the attention of sponsors and soon became the world's youngest professional skateboarder at the age of 13.

What training do you need to become a wedding planner?

no special training or education is needed to become a wedding planner, no experience is needed.

How to become a franchise broker?

You can become a Franchise broker by doing a professional course such as franchise consultant training.

What educational training is needed to become a professional singer?

i am a kedron student and in English i am studing on what job i would like to have in the future and i want to be a professional singer and i have to find out what educational training has to taken to become a professional singer if you would please give me some answers thankyou

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