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Yes, there have been three hat tricks in a game. Jacques Richard, Anton Stastny and his brother Peter all scored hat tricks on February 22, 1981 against the Washington Capitals. Wayne Gretzky, Jari Kurri and Willie Lindstrom of the Edmonton Oilers all scored hat tricks on November 19, 1983 against the New Jersey Devils. Mike Donnelly, Jari Kurri and Luc Robitaille all scored hat tricks for the Los Angeles Kings in San Jose against the Sharks on November 8, 1992. Also, in a playoff game, the Los Angeles Kings scored three hat tricks against Calgary on April 10, 1990. Dave Taylor, Tony Granatto, and Tomas Sandstrom scored the hat tricks. Also impressive was the 9 goals came on only 10 shots.

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a bit unknown but Stan van den buijs scored a hatrick of own goals. he was a Belgium professional player

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Crosby and ovechkin both had a hat trick in the same game in game 2 of the 2009 Stanley cup playoffs.

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Yes, a couple of times

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Q: Is there scored two hat tricks in one game in Premier League?
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