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It depends where you're from, but if your American on the Fox Sports Network there is a show called "Xtreme Paintball: Beyond The Paint" which displays a few games of Tournament Paintball (A.K.A: Speedball) and I would guarantee that there are other programs.

(I'm not American, I actually live in Australia, but they telecast the show on our sports channels here, and this is why my knowledge is limited.)

There are also films about paintball, such as "Splat!".

But honestly, its more fun to go out and play it, rather than watch it. =]

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โˆ™ 2009-12-07 12:54:48
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Q: Is there paintball on TV
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What TV channel is paintball?

Paintball isn't on television that much but if it is it is on ESPN or ESPN 2 or the summer xgames....or go to Google and type in ncpa college association and that's a college paintball website that contains videos usually about 45 minutes long of paintball games.

Are paintball games on TV?

Yes, they are. Mostly speedball but there are some millsim related shows. Paintball on tv sucks though, speedball games themselves are boring to watch on tv and the millsim/woodsball styled ones focus on pretending to be in the army. *edit* yes. sometimes. paintball on tv shows make the sport look gay. speedball on tv is nice but it can be boring (ncpl) and woodball on tv is kinda pointless to me but hey, its paintball, I'm going to watch it...

What channel or channels can you see paintball on UK television?


What are the release dates for Destination X TV Hawaii - 2006 Paintball Wars and Island Survival 1-23?

Destination X TV Hawaii - 2006 Paintball Wars and Island Survival 1-23 was released on: USA: May 2007

Are there any channels on tv that show paintball?

It is sometimes on secondary college sports networks.

Where can you watch paintbal on TV?

Painttball has died sadfully but they use to be on tv all the time on tv paintball had a league called the NPPL but has now died........

What is more popular paintball or motocross?

In my opinion, motocross is more popular, only because of the hype it's gotten through the media (TV, clothing stores, video games). Paintball has seen a lot of criticism because people use paintballs for vandalism instead of their intended uses.

What tv station covers paintball?

FCS(Fox College Sports) I don't know what specific channel's, its different on different service providers.

What channel is nppl on direct tv?

Paintball on tv is almost impossible to come by anymore, as viewer ratings just dont satisfy TV companies. at or you may check event dates and there are usually webcasts!

What is a punishment of breaking a paintball gun?

This is the same thing as say breaking a TV. If it is not yours, it could be considered vandalism. The highest punishment for this would be a fine and maybe a night in jail.

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Use a really soft dry cloth, like a paintball safety glasses cloth or something similar. Just use that. Or you can also use pledge dry clean on a smooth cloth.

Where can you buy the blowgun from iCarly?

Really! Really, you think that is an actual product? Well it's not. anyways, even if it was a real thing, there is NO way you could blow hard enough to get a paintball to break on a person. not everything on TV is real.

What is the purpose of a paintball gun?

The purpose of a paintball gun is to fire paintball pellets, to mark opponents in the game of paintball.

What is paintball about?

Paintball is a game where washable paint capsules (called paintballs) are shot from markers (guns) in order to mark and eliminate the opposing team. These gelatin capsules are regulated to shoot just over 200 Miles per hour, or 300 feet per second, and every play must wear a paintball mask. There are many variants to the game but is generally split into two categories: Woodsball and Speedball. Woodsball, usually more military simulation, is usually played with trees or bunkers in large outdoor areas with more realistic looking markers. Speedball is the more "sporty" version of paintball with very flash and fast guns, on turf or grass fields with large inflatable bunkers. Both kinds have national leagues, but generally only speedball is shown on television, because of its more friendly appearance.

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a paintball arena is an indoor paintball field where they usually play speedbal

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At a paintball facility. If you search for paintball in your area you might find one.

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Is paintball in Pune at fun addaa?

paintball in pune is at fun addaa and its one of the best paintball zones in the world, and its also india's first indoor paintball arena.

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