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Gridiron is one dimensional as players only learn one skill. Rugby union/league demands players learn a vast array of skills in order to play the game.

Gridiron is made up of mere set plays rather than tactics and has no creativity.

As gridiron was invented to avoid global competition then it is inherently a lesser sport than rugby union or league.


While gridiron requires greater specialization in general (one cannot generally switch from position to position), it does not require that each player on the field have a fairly decent grasp of all abilities (occasionally a back or scrumhalf may need to ruck or maul). Also gridiron players play for only about 10-12 minutes in each game (being generous) while a rugby player will play for the entire 80 minutes (probably around 70-75 minutes when taking pauses in play into account), and thus, rugby players must focus for longer. Also kicking in rugby (which ALL backs must be able to do), is much more difficult. Drop-kicks anyone? --------------------------------- It depends what you define skill as. Rugby requires a lot more mental strength. You need to be switched on and focused for the full eighty minutes or you won't have a fun game. Passing and kicking in rugby is also a lot harder to master. So in my opinion, having played eight years, and having seen rugby players play gridiron , and gridiron players play rugby, there is a lot more skill envolved in rugby.

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2008-10-01 17:39:15
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Q: Is there more skill in rugby compared to football?
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