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Yes, There are plenty of websites that specialize in cycling clothing. is one online website that has a large variety of cycling clothing.

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Q: Is there anywhere available online that specializes in cycling clothing?
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Where can one find information about the clothing brand Saphora?

Saphora the womans cycling clothing brand is an Australian company receiving great reviews amongst the cycling press. There own website tells the full story of the business and brand, with many of their products available to buy from specialist cycling stores such as shespoke etc.

What stores sell wool cycling clothing?

Portland Cycle Wear, Woolistic and Ceder Cycling sell wool cycling clothing. They have a great online selection as well. Be sure to check with your local cycling shops to see if they sell it as well.

What types of clothing does SUGOI sell?

Sugoi sells clothing suitable for outdoor sports such as running, cycling and triathlon. They have a wide range of clothing available to suit the needs of the people that partake in such activities. This includes sports shirts and sports trousers.

Is there bike clothing available that is made from organic cotton?

There are a couple of companies that make cycling clothing from organic materials, but in general many have spandex or rayon. Zoic is a USA company that has started a line of organic material clothing you may want to check out.

What kind of clothing do people wear in cycling?

skin tight ones ;)

Where can Assos clothing be bought?

Assos is a company out of Switzerland that sells cycling clothes. One can buy clothing online or at a physical store location. There are many authorized dealers of Assos clothing throughout the United States. Generally one can find Assos clothing at cycling specialty stores.

Where can I buy cycling shorts?

There's a wide variety of sources out there for cycling shorts, so you should ensure that you're getting the best of the best. One of the stores with the best selection can be found at

What equipment is needed for cycling?

The equipment needed for cycling includes a bike. You will also need the proper work out clothing to exercise in.

Where can one find Castelli Clothing online?

Castelli is a brand which specialise in clothing for cycling. They have a website and their clothing can be browsed and purchased from here. They sell a wide range of products for both men and women. Castelli clothing can also be purchased from a range of specialist cycling stores such as Je James Cycles.

Where can a person learn to do winter cycling safely?

You can learn to do winter cycling anywhere and contrary to many suggestions it is actually very safe as long as you follow a few simple rules. Make sure that you have the correct protective clothing and that your bike has the right tyres and you should be fine as long as you pay attention to your surroundings.

Where can cycling clothing be bought?

Many national retailers like Dicks and Academy have cycling gear. You can shop online for cycling gear at There is also which is currently having a 4th of July sale.

What is the recommended gear for cycling?

You want to remain very safe while cycling, therefore the recommended gear for cycling is a helmet. Then you also may want to cycle competitively, and then you should get Louis Gameau clothing, which will really help to increase your performance while cycling.

What are the advantages to wearing cycling shorts instead of regular gym shorts?

Cycling shorts prevent the rubbing of your inner thighs together while peddling (known as the chamois) and to be aerodynamic.

What kind of products can be found online at the website Gita Cycling Gear?

Gita Cycling gear offers both hard bicycle parts as well as clothing. The majority are high-end Italian brand products. Examples of products available via Gita's website include bicycle frames, windbreakers and more!

What types of cycling accessories does Assos produce?

The clothing firm Assos produces a large range of cycling accessories. As well as a range of cycling apparel they also produce a range of creams, cleanser and skin repair gel.

Where can one find Brooks cycling clothing?

Brooks cycling clothing can be purchased from most sporting goods stores, bike or racing shops, or through the manufacturers official website. Alternatively, they might also be purchased through online vendors such as Amazon.

Where was the Gore Cycling company founded?

The Gore Cycling company, now known as Gore Apparel, was founded in 1958. Gore Apparel specializes in bike wear and other sportswear products. They are known for the durability of their product line.

Can cycling clothing make you feel hot?

Not much more or much less than any other type of clothing. Wear too much for the weather conditions and effort, and you will get hot. Only difference is that cycling clothing is designed to work well when exposed to wind. Fit is tight, sleeves are tight, etc. This means that a cycling jersey will be a little warmer than a loose fit t-shirt flapping in the wind.

What is a a gym bike?

Usually Gym bike means stationary exercise bike, what you can use to cycling in a indoor home or gym environment. You can do cycling in indoor without going anywhere. Basically, it is a fixed bike on a frame.

When did cross country cycling start?

One way or another bikes have been used for cross-coutry cycling from the moment they became available. It's just us today who feel the need to differentiate so closely between different types of cycling.

Does the Outdoor Megastore sell ski equipment?

The Outdoor Megastore, which is located in the UK, does sell ski apparel, accessories and equipment. It also specializes in camping, hiking and cycling equipment.

What clothing is best for winter and why?

It is really difficult to recommend certain brands because everyone is different. However here are some tips to stay warm and dry whilst cycling this winter: Here are some top tips to keep in mind when shopping for your winter cycling wardrobe. Specific commuter clothing has a fantastic tailored look for the city, whilst keeping all the essentials for winter commuting. Breathable clothing is essential. It allows you to be comfortable whilst maintaining a good temperature. Breathable materials will keep you dry and perspiration free whilst riding. It should also last longer in the wash too. Waterproof clothing will keep the rain out and windproof clothing will stop the cold breeze from making your body feel cold. Technical clothing can normally be packed into small carry bags, making them perfect for putting into a pannier or a backpack just in case of a surprise downpour. High-Viz clothing is available in a variety of different styles. You can have patterns, stitching and even full jackets. Good colourways and visibility panels are essential whilst riding on busy city streets, or in the countryside where thereโ€™s no street lighting. Source -

Where can one purchase power meters?

A power meter is used in cycling and is a measure of the electrical power used while cycling. It calculates the power output of a cyclist. Power meters are available for main high street stockist and any cycling related internet based store.

What are some places in the United Kingdom that are considered good places to go to for cycling holidays?

The United Kingdom offers many great and scenic locations for cycling trips and holidays. There is an excellent guide book available offering a terrific cycling trip from the southwestern tip of Britain to the very northern tip. This book is called Lands End to John O'Groats: The Official Cycling Challenge Guide. The cycling trip is a total of 910 miles.

What types of equipment does Ellis Brigham sell?

Ellis Brigham a large assortment of primarily mountain sport themed clothing and equipment. They sell clothing and equipment for people interested in snowboarding, skiing, hiking, running and cycling.