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The NBA championship trophy is called the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

A new one is presented to the champions every year and it looks like a Basketball about to go through a net.

The Stanley Cup is massive, it has all of the winners names engraved on it, past and present, and the same Cup is passed around to the next winner year after year.

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Q: Is there any trophy in basketball similar to the Stanley Cup in hockey?
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What is hockey trophy?

The Stanley Cup

What is the name of the trophy given to the best playoff hockey in the national hockey league?

The Stanley Cup

What is the trophy called for the champions of the National Hockey League?

The Stanley Cup

What was the first hockey trophy made?

The Stanley Cup. 1892. Oldest trophy in professional sports period.

What is a fact about sport trophy?

The Stanley Cup is the championship trophy of the National Hockey League and is said to be the oldest trophy in North America.

How long has the world championship trophy for hockey been called the Stanley cup?

The Stanley Cup was established in 1893

What is a trophy on ice?

The Stanley Cup is awarded to the winner of the NHL. (National Hockey League)

What is a Stanley cup?

It is the trophy won by the team who wins the playoffs in the National hockey League.

What is the NBA basketball championship trophy?

a nba trophy is a prize a team gets for winning a championship, like nfl has a trophy nhl has the Stanley cup

What major sports league plays for the Stanley Cup?

The National Hockey League (NHL), plays for the Stanley Cup championship trophy.

What is the Stanley Cup?

The Stanley Cup is the trophy awarded to the team that wins the championship in the National Hockey League. The Cup was donated in 1892 by Lord Stanley of Preston, at the time the Governor General of Canada, as the award for Canada's top amateur hockey team. Teams that were awarded the cup would be challenged by teams from other amateur leagues to a game or series of games. Over time, the Cup became the trophy that professional hockey leagues would play for. In 1926, the Cup became the official championship trophy of the National Hockey League.The Stanley (with an E) Cup is the trophy awarded to the winner of the NHL playoffs.Trophy for the NHL (National Hockey League)

If Hockey is the Stanley cup then what is football?

In Canada, it would be the Grey Cup. In the USA, it would be the Superbowl Trophy.

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