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Q: Is there any super chargers for the 05 Nissan Frontier?
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How many miles can a Nissan Frontier get?

my 04 frontier is over 200,000 and runs good. my friend had a Nissan pickup he put 400,000 on. take care of it and it will outlast any ford or Chevy on the road.

Recommended coolant for 2002 Nissan frontier V6?

Any SAE certified coolant is recommended for the 2002 Nissan Frontier. The coolant should have a minimum temperature range of -25 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

What kind of oil do you use in your 2000 Nissan Frontier v6?

SAE 5w30 any major brand.

How big of tires can you go on your 2004 Nissan frontier with out having to do any mods?

31x10.50x15 depends on how big your Rims are

Are there any grease points for a 2000 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab?

only in a drive shaft unviersal joints

Where can one find radio control replacement parts for a Nissan Frontier truck?

Radio control replacement parts for Nissan Frontier trucks can be ordered from any Nissan dealer. Generic brands of these parts can usually be found at auto parts stores such as Napa and Advance Auto Parts. Another option is to order online through Nissan's website or various auto parts websites.

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1999 Nissan Frontier and have tuned up and replaced almost everything Uses a lot of gas and bogs especially when the ac is on - any ideas?

I've got a 98 Nissan Frontier that doesn't get very good gas mileage. Engine is rather underpowered....I believe it's straining to move the vehicle along.

How do I replace a head gasket on a 2001 Nissan Frontier?

My husband has the same truck and it only has 90,000 miles on it and he blew a head gasket yesterday. Do you have any suggestions?

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