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Q: Is there any soccer team avileable in seattle pasco Othello moses lake washington?
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Is soccer played in the state of Washington?

Washington has an MLS team, the Seattle Sounders.

What's a name of a soccer team?

The Seattle Sounders, Their home in Washington, where their fans live.

What sports game is played at Qwest Field in Seattle Washington?

The Qwest Field located in Seattle, Washington is home of two very popular sports. They are football and soccer. The two home teams are the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders FC.

Does Vancouver Wa have a pro soccer team?

The only MLS team in Washington are the Seattle Sounders.

When did the Seattle Sounders FC play their first soccer game?

Seattle Sounders FC is an American Professional soccer club based in Seattle, Washington that competes in Major League Soccer (MLS). Sounders FC was established in Novermber 2007 as an MLS expansion team, making it the 15th team in the league.

What summer soccer leagues are there in Seattle Washington?

Try a premier or select soccer club like, Legacy FC, Washington Rush, Seattle United, FC Alliance and etc. These type of clubs play all year round so you would have to play all year round. Or you could go to a soccer camp that is a couple weeks long.

What has the author Richard Morrison written?

Richard Morrison has written: 'Seattle Sounders FC season one' -- subject(s): Seattle Sounders FC (Soccer team), Soccer teams, Soccer, History

For what soccer team did Makalah play?

Makalah played for the Seattle Christian's soccer team. You can learn more about this online at the official Seattle Christian's Organization website.

How much is the Seattle soccer experience on the price is right?

the total for the trip is $ 3,935

How much is the seattle soccer experience on price is right?

the total for the trip is $ 3,935

Who is fredy montero?

fredy montero is playing for the seattle sounders and is young soccer player