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Gold winner-$25,000 silver-$15,000 bronze-$10,000

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Q: Is there any prize money for medals won at London Olympics?
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What is the prize awarded in the Olympics?

the prizes are medals the prizes are medals

Why do athletes get medals?

they get it as a prize for winning the olympics.

What will be the prize for the winning team in the London Olympics?


What prize did the winners get in the ancient Olympics?

They got medals.

How much money does a winner of gold in the Olympics get as prize money?


What did the winners received in the modern Olympics?

In the modern Olympics top winner received olive branches and silver medals. Second place winners received bronze medals and third place winners received no prize.

Does great Britain pay prize money to winning athletes at the olympics?


What is the combined professional salaries of the Olympic basketball team?

The athletes are unpaid, minus the prize money they receive for winning medals. Outside of the Olympics the various athletes' professional annual salaries sum to over $9.

What is the amount of money if you win at the Olympics?

Athletes are not given prize money for winning gold, silver or bronze etc. at an event.

What was the prize for second ancient Olympics games?

what is the prize for 2nd in the acient Olympics games

What did you get in the Olympics for a prize?


What is the prize in the oylmpics?

In the ancient Olympics the prize was a laurel wreath which was worn on the head. In other words some twigs from a nearby tree - the athletes competed to see who was best and not for a monetary reward. In the modern Olympics the awards are medals: Gold for the winner, Silver for the person or team who came second and a Bronze for third position.

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