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Q: Is there any mixed wrestling or fighting in India?
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Are there any wrestling federations which don't have fake wrestling?

RPW- Real Pro Wrestling is about the closest. The UFC promotion is also close, but you were asking about Wrestling, not mixed martial arts.

Is ufc wrestling?

Wrestling, as you would see in the olympics, etc, is a part of UFC fighting, but UFC fighting also contains other elements of fighting, including kickboxing and various styles of groundfighting. If you are asking if the UFC is the same as WWE, no, it is not scripted in any way.

Are there any kids wrestling clubs near Chicago il?

Loads and loads. Check the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation website. Kids wrestling, for those who think dog fighting is cruel!

Does paul wright have any family in wrestling?

No he does not have any family in wrestling.

Which sport is a martial art?

Martial arts are those sport games derived from d ancient fighting traditions especially from countries like China India Japan Korea... Here the methods of fighting learned in the traditional art is only used... Any other moves being used is said to be a foul... Eg- sumo wrestling, kung fu, karate, kalari(Indian)

Legal solution wanted for fighting Indian government?

You can make The Union of India or any Government Department as a Party and file any case legally.

Are there any wrestling schools near Hazard KY?

Smoky Mountain Wrestling Hazard High School Wrestling

Are there any wrestling entertainment schools in Florida?

yes, there is Florida Championship Wrestling

When is Bill Goldberg coming back to wrestling?

Bill Goldberg has retired from professional wrestling and has denied any rumors about him returning to wrestling.

Is there any pro wrestling that isn't predetermined?

It is all predetermined about 3 days before,the only wrestling that is not predetermined is amateur wrestling.

What types of injuries have occurred in mixed martial arts fighting?

Pretty much any injury you can imagine. Broken bones, teeth, displacements and concussions are all common.

Were there any wrestling shows before WWF and WWE?

No. Wrestling has always been fake and always will be. Wrestling that is real (if you notice) is a lot less organised.