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Y,ou might be good at Basketball you might be good at track, but when it comes to Netball you might as well step back!

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Q: Is there any good netball cheers?
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How many feet away from your opponent must you stand in a game of netball?

You have to stay 3 feet away from your opponent ( 1 metre ) in a game of netball. . :] Cheers hun.x

What are some good cheers to teach to 11 and 12 years old?

make sure the cheers are short and do not have any complicated motions

How is a netball game started after a goal?

The teams go back to starting positions and empire throws jump ball.I hope I answered your questions, I play netball allot.Thanx... cheers

What is the meaning of cheers?

Cheers is an exclamation that expresses good wishes.

Are the cheers hard?

some cheers are hard it depends on how good you are :))

What is a good name for your netball team?

i think a really good name for a netball team is the jets. or the jetsetters

Is there any English netball players?

yes, Amanda newton and pamela cookey are particularly good :)

Is the word netball a proper noun?

No, the noun netball is a common noun, a word for any netball or any netball game.A common noun becomes a proper noun when it is the name of a person, place, thing or a title. For example:Detroit Metro Netball ClubThe Florida Netball Classic tournamentUSA Netball Association

Why do people take part in netball?

To be good at netball, to get exercise, or simply to have fun.

What are the forces for netball?

there is not any forces whilst playing netball, it is a game for girls...

What is the Gaelic for cheers?

one way of saying cheers is: Slainte. but there are other ways too, my adding good health to cheers.

Are there any good red team cheers appropriate for school?

Yes: Go Red! Go Red!

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