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Q: Is there an age limit to turning pro in boxing?
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What is the minimum age for professional boxing?

in u.k the cut of age is usally 35 years old. but legally there is no age limit. and as for usa and north America. It all depends on which state you apply and depends on if you can pass the medical. but useally you shoul be able to get a pro boxing licence up into your late forties.

If i am 43 years of age and have boxed all my life can i apply and get a boxing license to participate in a professional boxing match?

Unlikely. I know in Britain that you will not get a first-time pro license after the age of 35 (i.e. if you've never had a pro license before the age of 35, you will not get one beyond that age). Rules in different countries (it may vary state-to-state in the US) may be different, but it's highly unlikely.

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How long is the Rest between rounds in pro boxing?

one minute

What age did Muhammad ali start boxing?

He started boxing at the age of 12 in 1954. As a Pro, he started in 1960 and finished in 1981.

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Where is the best hard core boxing gym in san Diego?

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