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There is no upper age limit for getting certified for Scuba diving. As long as your medical history does not prevent you from doing so. The lower age limit depends on the agency, but can be as young as 10-12

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Q: Is there an age limit on scuba diving?
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What is the minimum age for Scuba Discover Local Diving?

the minimum age for scuba diving is 5 years of age because younger children may be frightened by the breathing we have to do during scuba diving.

At what age can you start scuba diving with BSAC?


Is there a scuba diving club in Bronte Sydney?

There are scuba diving classes and popular scuba diving areas in Sydney, Australia. Scuba diving clubs are not advertised in that area.

Do you think children should go scuba diving?

I think it depends on several things. The age of the child, how adapted to water the child is, if they can swim, and how well they listen to directions. I would call a scuba school and ask them. They may have an age limit.

What do scuba drivers do?

Scuba diving.

What type of verbal is to scuba dive?

I went scuba diving. I am going to go scuba diving. I want to go scuba diving. You say it like you would surfing, or skiing. you add -ing to dive to get diving. ex. I scuba dove the reefs. I want to scuba dive tomorrow. I went scuba diving this summer. ! !

What is the scuba diving sports?

There are currently no professional sports that involve scuba diving.

Why is a diving limit set for scuba diving?

For recreational divers, the deepest limit of 130 feet (40 meters) is set due to narcosis primarily and breathing gas restraints secondarily.

Age limit for scuba diving career?

As far as with PADI, there are minimum age age limit of 18 to become a PADI Professional (Divemaster or higher). Upper limits? None, as long as you are in good enough health to pass a medical examination. Other agencies, I'm not sure and other diving professions I'm not sure, sorry!

What was scuba equipment used for?

scuba diving...

Is scuba a verb?

No, but "scuba-diving" is a verb.

Where can one purchase scuba diving books?

Amazon has a vast selection of books about scuba diving. Among these are informational books about scuba diving, as well as stories about scuba diving experiences. Amazon is also likely to have the best price.

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