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Q: At what age can you start scuba diving with BSAC?
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What is the minimum age for Scuba Discover Local Diving?

the minimum age for scuba diving is 5 years of age because younger children may be frightened by the breathing we have to do during scuba diving.

Is there an age limit on scuba diving?

There is no upper age limit for getting certified for scuba diving. As long as your medical history does not prevent you from doing so. The lower age limit depends on the agency, but can be as young as 10-12

When should one not learn scuba dive?

most training agencies suggest that SCUBA be taught after 9years of age and should not be engaged in for one is a heavy smoker or has respiratory problems. Scuba is a high stress anaerobic activity. Anyone at risk of heart disease or arterial sclerosis should not participate. This is not medical advice. Please consult a doctor before engaging in SCUBA diving. also: if they don't want to.... too many divers start SCUBA diving to be with somebody they care for, (husband, girlfriend, etc) but have no desire to actually SCUBA dive.

Do you think children should go scuba diving?

I think it depends on several things. The age of the child, how adapted to water the child is, if they can swim, and how well they listen to directions. I would call a scuba school and ask them. They may have an age limit.

How old do you need to be to do scuba diving?

This depends in most areas. In the US, you can scuba dive at 14 and get a Junior Scuba Certification, but you would need a certified adult with you. However, at 16, you would get a regular certification. In the Caribbean, you need to be 16 to scuba dive. In other areas the age limit depends, but in most places it is around 14 or 16.

Age to get license on scuba diving?

You don't need a licence to go scuba diving, but most people need to undergo formal training before they can scuba dive. Different agencies will take divers at different agencies, but the bigger agencies will usually not train anyone younger than 10 years old. However, some agencies insist that a student be 16 or 17 before learning to dive.

Can you start diving at age 12?

it depends. You can legally dive at any age. But organisations like PADI - who are the most powerful of the diving organisations - don't cover you until you are 14.

Age limit for scuba diving career?

As far as with PADI, there are minimum age age limit of 18 to become a PADI Professional (Divemaster or higher). Upper limits? None, as long as you are in good enough health to pass a medical examination. Other agencies, I'm not sure and other diving professions I'm not sure, sorry!

Can you scuba dive at 9?

Technically you can scuba dive at any age, as long as you are comfortable doing it. There are however, a few issues that arise with very young scuba divers. Finding scuba equipment for a very small body frame can sometimes be difficult. It also depends on the environment you'll be scuba diving in. Clear waters are much easier than a murky lake or pond. Weak swimmers can also have difficulty navigating waterways with a strong current.

What is the age limit on scuba diving?

9 - 12 depending on the agency you are certified by such as PADI or NAUI. PADI I believe is 9, but in my opinion is not as thorough on teaching safety skills. NAUI is 12 and is what my son was certified by. There's alot to be aware of while diving to keep you safe and your diving partner safe. The more thorough your training, the better off you'll be and the better your diving experiences will be.

Levels in a scuba diving?

The certification levels for PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) are as follows: *Junior Open Water Diver---minimum age of 10 and the diver cannot go below 45 feet *Basic Open Water Certification--minimum age of 12 and the diver can go to the safe distance of 132 feet *Advanced Open Water Certification--minimum age of 15 *Rescue Diver--minimum age of 18 *Divemaster *Scuba Instructor--the diver is licensed to certify other divers. There are also many specialty courses that one can take, such as wreck diving, deep diving, nitrox diving, search and recovery, and underwater photography.

What age can you go scuba diving in the great barrier reef?

Depends on the persons certifying agency. It is different for PADI and NAUI and ...... and within each of those certifying agencies, they may have different credentials that may allow diving, but with certain limitations such as MAX depth, or has be with a certified adult etc.

How popular is scuba diving?

How popular is SCUBA diving? Some people are afraid of water. Don't ask them. If you ask a diver, he'll tell you there is nothing on earth remotely like it. He would be right. SCUBA diving is a very popular sport. Not as popular as some participation sports, but more than others. Diving offers the diver a chance to get up next to nature in a way that is impossible unless one actually puts on the tank and a flotation device and gets wet. You've seen lots of television shows that have divers in them. Movies, too. It's beautiful down there! Heck, there's more water covering this big blue marble than there is land. And visiting an aquarium to see the fish is like looking in a café and smelling the food. Wouldn't you rather go in and eat? Why not learn to dive? Some of us live a long way from the ocean, and fresh water diving, while fun, isn't as cool in most cases as salt water diving. But it's still fun! One way one might measure the popularity of a sport might be by the number of magazines published on it. There are a flock of diving magazines. SCUBA diving is a multi-million dollar business in the US in equipment alone. If one considers the travel and lodging associated with SCUBA diving trips and vacations, the numbers go outta sight. Is diving for you? You make the call....According to most estimates, there are approximately 1.2 million scuba divers world wide.66% Male34% FemaleAverage age is 29PADI, the world's largest scuba certification agency, has barely grown over the last 6 years. In 2007 they had 133,562 members and in 2012 they had 135,710 members, less than a 2% increase.Between 1997 and 2004, the Divers Alert Network reported an annual fatality rate between 11 and 18 deaths per 100,000 members per year.

At what age are you legally allowed to take your diving test?

Say what?? Take your diving test? Hell! Why would you take your diving test anymore?!

Can you scuba at the age of nine years old?

Today, kids can begin experiencing diving from a young as 8 years old. Special programs are available which are specifically aimed from young kids. Normally kids of this age are taught in the safety of a shallow pool. Following their 10thbirthday, these kids then could progress to the junior open water divers certification.

At what age can you go scuba diving?

The largest and most recognized SCUBA training agency is PADI ( ) They have a junior SCUBA program for children as young as 10 years old. Most other training agencies (SSI, PDIC, SDI etc...) also certify children as young as ten. Check with your local dive shops, and find one that you like. All training organizations have to meet the same basic standards, so what really matters is the competency and knowledge of the staff, not which agency they belong to.

What age should you start to dive if you want to be in the Olympics?

Well, Tom Daley started diving at 8, but I suppose if you train enough, you could become good enough!

How old do you need to be to get a scuba liscence?

The minimum age limit with PADI to get a certification card that allows you to go diving in open water (instead of a pool) is age 10 although there are some limitations on depth etc. that are in place until the age of 15 where a full Open Water Diver certification can be obtained. If you simply wanted to try it out in the pool most PADI Dive Shops offer courses for 8-10yr olds (PADI Seal Team or PADI Bubblemaker)

What is the age limit fo sky diving?

Currently, the age limit to skydive is 16 years old or 13 with parent consent in Mississippi

Is a certain type of paint required to refinish your diving board Is a diving board refinishing kit available anywhere?

DO NOT REFINSIH. REPLACE IT. You cannot see age defects in a board that has been painted or recoated with a finish. A diving board is a LIABILITY. NOT A GOOD IDEA!

What would be the effect if there was no science present today?

With no science, no technology, we could have evolved to fly, live underwater, but instead we have aeroplanes, helicopters and scuba diving gear. We might have learned magic, if it existed, and we would still be living in the stone age. More animals would have survived, like the Tasmanian Devil, and not so much animals would be endangered. Humans might even be extinct.

What are Tom Daley's interests?

Tom has similar interests to most teenage boys his age when not diving.

Can you enter the Olympics at age 12?

the minimum age is 14 for diving and bobsled, 18 for handball, 17 for wrestling. gymnastics and figure skating is 16

What age do you start work experience?

the earliest age to start is around age 14

What age do you start primary school in Australia?

you have to be age 6 to start in prep but you can still start at any age that you are in all schools.