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Not technically since most of the time it's illegal.

I suggest sky diving, because it is much safer and last longer and is legal.

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Q: Is there an age limit on base jumping?
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Is there an age limit on bungee jumping?

you have to be at least 10

Which of the following sports is almost always illegal?

BASE jumping

How old do you have to be to go base jumping?

BASE jumping is an unregulated sport, and there is no age limit. You could even buy a rig on e-bay and teach yourself (you wouldn't be the first.) But that's not the smartest way to learn how, not a good way to stay alive in the sport. Best way is to get about 100 skydives on a large, 7-cell canopy, then take a course from a group like Apex BASE or Snake River BASE.

Is there an age limit to Show jumping?

Horses in lower levels of the sport could compete until they are about 25, while it is really not wise to show horses over 18 in higher levels. As for humans, there is no age limit.

What is the minimum age requirement for parachute jumping solo?

You must be eighteen years of age in order to parachute jumping solo. An id might be required in order to prove your age. There is no way to be registered by a parent or guardian if you are under age. There is no age limit.

Which extreme sport is statistically the most dangerous?

BASE jumping 😄apex

When will you start jumping in horseback riding?

Most people start jumping after they canter in a English saddle. There is no age limit, it is when you are ready to jump. You usually start small and work your way up with the right horse/pony.

What sports have extremely high death rates?

BASE Jumpingapex-base jumping

What sports has an extremely high death rate base jumping rock climbing swimming or skydriving?

BASE Jumping.

Does show jumping have an age limit if your are going to start jumping as a career in your 20s?

Show jumping does not have an age limit, it does have age divisions, like 8 and under, 9-13, 14-18, etc. From 19 to about 50 or 55, everyone usually shows together, then there are some "seniors" classes (they may go by different names) for older people. I believe I have seen people in their 60s compete in the olympics. Equestrian events are the only sport I know of where men and women compete on equal footing, and, as adults, different ages compete on equal footing.

What is the best way to start learning base jumping?

Base Jumping is a type of dangerous activity in which a person jumps from a tall building or structure with a parachute. One of the best ways to start learning about base jumping is to watch videos of professional base jumpers. Additionally, an individual may read blogs about base jumping.

How old do you have to be to work at a flea market?

there is no age limit but the average age limit is 20 years of age there is no age limit but the average age limit is 20 years of age

How can base jumping affect the earth?

BASE jumping is not dangerous to the earth. The occasional branch of a tree may get damaged, but that is it.

Is there a certain age limit to use bungee jumping equipment?

There isn't, however, if you are under the age of 18 you may have to have your parents sign a form. Sometimes your Insurance will also not cover it, but this is more common with skydiving.

How many deaths are there in a year for base jumping?

In 2009 there were 15 BASE jumping fatalities, the highest annual total to date.

How do you say base jumping in Spanish?

salto base

What is the age limit on driving ATVs?

Ther should be no age limit but there is an age limit of 16 at the monemt.

What is more dangerous base jumping or skydiving?

Base Jumping because you have less time to open the parachute. Most Base Jumpers have done A Lot of skydives first.

What are the rules of base jumping?

There are hardly no rules for base jumping just the fact that you have space to land and all the equictment then it's fine.

What is an age limit?

An age limit is a restriction placed on an activity based on the age of participants. It can be either a lower age limit, stating the youngest age at which you are allowed to do something, or an upper age limit, stating the eldest age at which you are allowed to do something.

What sports have an extremely high death rate?

BASE Jumpingapex-base jumping

Wakeboarding age limit in the UK?

There is no age limit

What is the age limit for twilight?

the age limit is twelve

Is their an age limit for Express?

There is no age limit on express

What is the age limit of growing?

There is no age limit. The body is constantly changing.