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No, but you have to have a certain amout of soccer/football experience... Which is "play" on a professional team.

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Q: Is there an age limit for soccer players playing in the CONCACAF gold cup?
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Is there a age limit for pro soccer?

There is no age limit for a professional soccer player. Most players usually carry on playing soccer in their forties. However many players usually retire when they are below 40.

What is the age limit for women soccer players in Olympic Games?

18 and older

What is the maximum age limit for the olympic soccer players?

I believe it is 23 years old and younger.

Are there more soccer players or American Football players?

Probably more soccer players. But it is hardly fair to limit only one side to just one country. America has only 300 million of the over 6 billion people in the world. I would bet that there are more American football players than Tunisian soccer players.

When can you replace players during a soccer game?

FIFA specifies a limit of 3 substitutions per team per match.

What is the age limit for mens soccer players in Olympic Games?

The national teams are limited to players under 23 years of age, with three slots available for veterans 23 or older.

Is there a limit of how many total basketball players on a college team - playing and on bench?

Yes, you can only have a total of 12 players on a college basketball team.

What is the age limit of a profesional soccer player?

From a rules standpoint, there is no age limit. There are almost no players who play beyond their thirties. Pele played well into his late thirties, at the end of his career, in the U.S.

What is the age limit for World cup soccer?

How many age limit

Do baseball players get more money or football players?

Baseball players because in football there Is a limit to how much money you can be paid unlike in baseball there is no limit

What is the playing time of Scrabble?

There is no official time limit when playing Scrabble. However, some players prefer to use a timer to limit the maximum time that each player can take in a turn. That keeps the game moving at a good pace. The use of a timer is optional.

How many penalty shots are allowed in a soccer match?

There is no limit.

How many replacements players can we have in a basketball match?

No Limit.

What is the player limit of ncaa basketball rosters?

13 scholarship players but no limit on walk ons

How many players are there on a volleyball team?

There have to be at least 6 players on a team because there are 6 on the court at all times. There is no limit to how many players a team can have, but anything over 12 players is extremely difficult to make substitutions and get any playing time. 8 to 10 players is ideal for a team. Beach volleyball has 2 players on each side.

Is there a limit to the number of players in a shoot out in hockey?

There are 3 players from each team in a NHL shootout

How many limited goal scoring for soccer?

you can get as many goals as you can there is no limit

What is the height limit to play in the NBA?

There is no height limit to be in the NBA as long as you can play and match with the other players.

How much do you got to weigh to play soccer?

There is no wight limit to play soccer all you need is good physical condition, but you should always play with players around your age if you are not an adult. As an adult all you need is to be in good physical shape and know how to attack and defend from your opponents.

Is there an age limit for SG soccer cleats?

No there is not an age limit for wearing SG stud on your soccer cleats. Some refs might be picky because you can unscrew them and the ref doesn't a stud on the field.

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Is there a weight limit for high school junior Varsity players?


Is there a weight limit for NFL players?

Yes. 500 pounds.

How many players on a football?

NFL roster limit is 53.

Is there a weight limit for playing baseball?