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No clue. I heard that he (Favre) was not signing anymore because people make copies and sell them

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โˆ™ 2005-10-18 14:03:52
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Q: Is there an address where you can send items to Brett Favre and Dale Earnhardt Jr to get autographed?
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What is the value of a football autographed by Brett Favre worth?


Where can one find a Brett Favre autographed jersey?

One can find a Brett Favre autographed jersey from eBay where they are available for around $300. One can also get them from Sports Memorabilia and Autograph City.

What is your Brett Favre autographed full size helmet worth?


What is the Price of a John Elway and Brett Favre autographed football?


How much is a Brett favre autographed football worth?

five hundred dollars

What is a Football autographed by Brett Favre In a case with certificate worth?

$1,000,000 no joke

What is Brett Favre's fanmail address?

Brett FavreBrett Favre Fourward Foundation1 Willow BendHattiesburg, MS 39402USAThis address was found at

What is Brett Favre's home address?

Brett Favre does not give out his home address to the general public. His official fan mail address is; Brett Favre, Favre 4 Hope Foundation, 11975 Seaway Road, Suite B250, Gulfport, MS 39503.

How much is an autographed Brett Favre jersey worth?

Between 550-1300 USD.

What is Brett Favre's official fan mail address?

Fan Mail Address: Brett Favre Brett Favre Fourward Foundation 1 Willow Bend Hattiesburg, MS 39402 USA

What is Brett Favre house address?

Only Brett Farve should know that

What is Brett Favre email address?

Brett Favre does not publicize his email address. He receives fan mail at: Favre 4 Hope Foundation, 11975 Seaway Road Suite B250, Gulfport, MS 39503.

Why is Brett favre so awesome?

brett favre is awesome because brett favre is awesome

What is the value of a Super Bowl XXXII football autographed by Brett Favre?

A football signed by Brett Favre can fetch quite a bit of money depending on its condition. The football in question is valued at approximately 400 USD.

Who is betterjake plummer or Brett favre?

Brett Favre

How much is a authentic framed starter jersey autographed by Brett Favre worth?

not sure,but saw it on eBay for 10,000

How much does a autographed picture of Brett Favre worth?

I have seen them range between 20-50 dollars online.

How much would an autographed Brett Favre Vikings Jersey be worth if the Vikings win the Super Bowl?

a lot

Is Deanna Favre divorcing Brett Favre?

Is Deanna Favre still married to Brett Favre? Yes

Is Brett Favre white?

Yes, Brett Favre is white.

Where was Brett Favre born?

Brett Favre was born in Gulfport, Mississippi.

What is the number of Brett favre?

Brett Favre is number four 4

Is Brett favre a christian?

Brett Favre and his wife are Roman Catholics.

Is Brett favre a high motor?

No, Brett Favre is not a high motor.

What nicknames does Brett Favre go by?

Brett Favre goes by Country.