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Q: Is there an Irish rhythmic gymnastic team in the olympics?
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How many rhythmic gymnastic gold medals in Olympics?

There are 2 gold medals for rhythmic gymnastics. One is for individual all-around and one for team all-around.

Who was part of the womens gymnastic team for the Olympics?

nastia lukin and shaun jounson

What gymnastic team went to the Olympics in 2006?

The winter olympics were in 2006, and gymnastics is a summer olympics competition, so gymnastics was not a part of the 2006 Olympics.

Did St. Louis make fancy hotels only for the Olympics?

Yes. Because St Louis was gay he designed hotels to try and show of to the mens Gymnastic team.

How did the us gymnastic team do at the Olympics?

The women US gymnastics team did very well. They received the team gold and gabby Douglas received the individual all around gold. Aly Riaseman got a bronze medal in beam. the men did not do are well but did not qualify for the team medal

Does anyone have a list of the British Gymnastic Team for the 1948 Olympics held in London?

I don't have a list but my Mother was picked for the ladies team. She didn't compete due to an injury she picked up in training. She's still fit at 85!

When was the last time the women gymnastic team won a gold medal?

The last Olympics in Athens in 2004. Carly Patterson was the first American female to win an Olympic Gold in the All Around.

What team medal did the men's US gymnastic team win in 2008?


Which team has won the most olympic gold medals in the women's gymnastic competitions?

Team medals for women's gymnastics have been given out since the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics. To date, the Soviet Union has won the most Olympic gold medals in this category.

What is the anthem of the Irish cricket team?

Irelands Call - which was originally the Irish Rugby Union Anthem. The Irish Rugby Team - like the Cricket and Hockey Teams - represent the Island of Ireland. The Soccer Team and Olympics etc represent the Republic of Ireland and so the anthem sung is Amhran na Bhfiann (The Soldiers Song)

What is the top gymnastic teams in gymnastics?

i believe USA Team because the have won the world championships and china probably second but if you would really like to get up to date watch the 2008 summer Olympics

Names of Irish athletes competing in 2008 Olympics?

* Introduction and Summary * Athletes - Irish Athletes in The Olympics * Sports - Sports by Irish Athletes * Schedule - When Irish Athletes and teams are competing * LIVE Olympics Coverage Online From August 9th, through to August 24th, Ireland's 53 athletes, and 6 horses compete in 13 different sports, and more than 42 different events. Ireland also has a large team of Coaches, Managers, Medical Team, an Olympic Attache - an Irish guy living in Beijing, and members of the Olympic Council of Ireland team and mentors. Alll the Irish Names, Athletes, sports and events are available and their schedule and live online coverage - at