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Yes, lots of them. Depends on what trophies you might be thinking of.

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Q: Is there an English football team that have not won a trophy?
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Is there an English Football League team that have not won a trophy ever?


Which team won English pemiership football trophy 2003?

Arsenal won it with their unbeaten season

What NCAA football team won the Paul Bunyan Trophy in 2007?


Can you give me a sentence for the word victorious?

The victorious football team won the trophy.

Most successfull English football team?

The most sucessful team oin English football is Liverpol FC as they have won 62 trophies and are far away from the great Manchester United who only have 52 trophies but Liverpool are struggling and have not won a trophy for a long time.

How many trophies have England football team won?

They have only won one trophy, the world cup in 1966. And never won any trophy except that.

Which football team won the English football league in 1998?


Which football team got to keep the jules rimet trophy?

Brazil were given the trophy to keep after they won it for the third time in Mexico in 1970.

Which was first team to win English premiership?

Manchester United were the first team to win, they won the trophy in 1992.

Who have won the most trophies in English football?

The team who have won most trophies in English football is Manchester United football club with 59 competitive trophies

What is a sentence with Trophy in it?

We won a terrific championship trophy from our football league.

How come arsenal are the best football team but they never win?

Arsenal are not the best football team, because they have not won a trophy for a while. They can be argued that they play the best football (most attractive style).

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