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Arsenal are not the best football team, because they have not won a trophy for a while. They can be argued that they play the best football (most attractive style).

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Q: How come arsenal are the best football team but they never win?
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Where do the arsenal football team come from?

where does the arsenal foot ball come from

Where did the name arsenal football club come from?

Arsenal gets it name from the word arsenal, as the first players for Arsenal were soldiers and worked at the Arsenal, so it gets its name.

What song is played before arsenal football emirates?

The answer is: All hail the Arsenal All hail the Arsenal Wenger what are we going to do? Win the cup It's up to you Come one you reds, Come on you reds. By Liam Garrard === === === ===

Which English football teams have never been outside of the top two divisions?

Manchester united, Liverpool, arsenal, everton would be 4 definites that never played outside the top 2 divisions of English football going to come back to this question again after i do a more indept research into the question

Will Eden Hazard come to Arsenal?

Arsenal might try to get him and Weneger might do his best as he fits in the team and also likes to get players from France.

How can you communicate with arsenal football cluub?

I HAD the same problem. All you have to do is go to arsenal supporters centre. search it on the internet and you can send emails and phone numbers are also available. Come on you gooners

Which football team is a better team Manchester United or Chelsea?

Chelsea are okay not better the ArsenalI'm an Arsenal fan come on

What is the arsenal chant?

Arsenal till I die,We love you arsenal and Come on Arsenal are amongst the most famous arsenal chants.

When will football factory 2 come out?

never bit am no sure

Will podoski come to arsenal?

He's currently an Arsenal player.

Where do the best football player come from?

Argentina and brazil

How many time did arsenal won european champion league title?

Arsenal have NEVER won the European Champions League. They have come close many times, most recently when they reached the final in 2006.

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