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You would need some help and a really big house.

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Q: Is there a way to install a gymnastic spring floor in your house custom size?
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Is it safe to have exercise classes on a gymnastic spring floor?


What are the base of gymnastic?

Floor, Beam, Vault, and Bars

What events are in the gymnastic for girls?

vault bars beam floor

What are the equipments in gymnastic?

Bars, Beam, Floor, Vault, and others

How do you install a pivoted floor spring?

Looking for the answer all around. Spent hours on the net and just cannt find it.

A sentence with the word gymnastic?

The whole team showed up at the gymnastic competition. They immediately started stretching and practicing on bar, beam, and floor.

Is the Olympic gymnastic floor the same size for the men and the women?

Yes, the floor is the same size for the men and women.

Artistic gymnastic events for women 4?

vault, bars, beam and floor

What are the Tools used in women gymnastic floor event?

For your wrist u use wristgaurds

Tumbling ln gymnastic?

tumbling is deffinately in gymnastics. that's what a floor routene is made of....

What is the gymnastic floor is made off in the the floor exercises game?

The floor is constructed of wood planks, springs, and a foam covering with a carpet over the top that the gymnasts tumble on.

What is a gymnastic sequence?

Be a little more specific it do you mean what is a gym/acro series, beam series, or floor series. But i have never heard of a gymnastic sequence. And I am in Recreational Competitive Gymnastics.