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Yes.... one must shoot the ball backwards while hopping on one foot from the half-court line in order to acheive this.

There is also a 6 pointer and a 4.5 pointer, but that is too time consuming to explain

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NO... there is no 10 pointers in the NBA ...

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Yes you must shoot from underneath the Ring

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Q: Is there a such thing of a 10 pointer in basketball?
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Kobe Bryant's favorote thing about basketball?

doing 3 pointer shot and slam dunks

Is there a 100 pointer shot in basketball?


When in basketball do you earn a three pointer?

When you shoot from the three pointer line which is behind the foul line.

Where is the three pointer line in basketball?

about three metres

Who took the first three pointer in the world?


How does a basketball player get a 3 pointer?

he shoots a basket from three yards away making it a three pointer

Are there 5 pointers in basketball?

No there are not. The highest point you can get is a three pointer.

What year did the three pointer enter college basketball?


What's a field goal in basketball?

A field goal in Basketball is also called a three pointer. A three pointer is when a player shoots the ball outside the three point line and makes it.

If you're in the paint what are you doing in what sport?

you are shooting a Two-pointer in basketball

How far is a three pointer from the basket?

20 feet from the basketball rim.

What is the height of a basketball hoop in cyo basketball?

for 4th grade it is 10 feet but under that is 7 feet any thing above 4th is 10 feet