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There is no bye in the Divisional (2nd round) playoff games.

The first and second seeded teams in each conference each get a bye week in the Wildcard (1st) round of the playoffs.

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Q: Is there a second round bye in the nfl playoffs?
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What is the Second Seed mean in the NFL Playoffs?

It means that you get a first round bye

How does a nfl team get a first round bye in playoffs?

A team gets the first round bye in the playoffs if it has one of the top two records in its conference.

How many teams get a bye in the NFL playoffs?

The top two seeds in each conference (NFC and AFC) have a first-round bye in the playoffs, so of the twelve teams that enter the postseason, four have first-round byes.

Is a wildcard the same as playoffs?

In the NFL, yes. The wildcard round is the first round of the NFL Playoffs.

Can a wild card team get a first round bye in the NFL playoffs?

Can't, impossible. Only the top two teams in the Conference with the best record can get a first round bye. This means that only teams who win their divisions can achieve this bye.

In the NFL if two teams in the same division have the best records in their conference would they both get a first round bye in the playoffs?

No, there are usually tie breakers.

How can the chiefs get a first round bye in the nfl playoffs?

Chiefs would need to win against Tennessee and Oakland and Steelers would have to lose to Carolina and Cleveland.

When do the first round of the NFL playoffs start?

Saturday, January 9, 2010.

How many rounds are in the nfl playoffs?

4 Wild Card Round Divisional Round Conference Round Super Bowl

Which NFL team has made the playoffs the second most times?


In the NFL playoffs why is it called Divisional Round when teams from same division can't play each other?

Only in MLB can the teams from the same division not play each other, and that's only in the first round of playoffs. In the NFL, I think it's called the Divisional round because in theory, only divisional champs will be remaining in the playoffs after Wildcard Weekend.

When was NFL Cheerleader Playoffs created?

NFL Cheerleader Playoffs was created in 2006.

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