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yes, if your good at it. Plus you can get a scholarship for just about anything.

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Q: Is there a scholarship for playing sports with asthma?
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Can asthma stop you from playing sports?

yes you can just have your inhaler with you

What are the risk factors of asthma and playing sports?

the risk factors of asthma when playing sport are mainly that you could pass out or have a severe asthma attack. my advice is to have your ventalation or puffa with you at all times when you are playing sport.

Can an inhaler benefit your sports performance if you don't have asthma?

No, inhalers are meant to aid your breathing/coughing when you have asthma. They will not assist you at playing a sport.

Do you need a scholarship to play college sports?

No you do not need a scholarship to play college sports. You need a scholarship to pay tuition.

Why is playing sports in school good?

You keep fit and if your good you might get a collage scholarship to a good university.

How do you get a free scholarship to UC Berkeley?

To get a free scholarship into UC Berkeley, you want to work hard and get good grades. You can get free scholarships through playing sports as well.

Why is asthma associated with sports?

It is called sports induced asthma I was Diagnosed with asthma but do not have asthma, when I run instead of opening, my lungs close and it feels like I am breathing through a straw.

What sports can I safely play without trigger asthma?

There are several sports that can be played without triggering your asthma. I would start by doing some indoor sports. Bowling would be a great sport for someone with asthma.

Is asthma a type of allergic reaction?

Asthma can be, like if you eat nuts when you're allergic you may have asthma. Asthma can also be caused be exertion, or playing sports, weather/climate, like humidity, or cold weather, and sometimes even sickness, like a cold or even fevers.

What happens to your body when you play sports games?

Basically you start to feel tired and slow but only if your playing for a long time if you have difficulties.And if you have asthma it doesnt stop you playing sports so you might get stiches but you can still play.

How is athsma attack related to sport?

Playing sports can put a physical strain on one's lungs, which, in turn, can lead to an asthma attack.

What if im good in sports and need a sports scholarship?

Play well in High School and get good grades. If you do that, colleges will notice your grades and see that you were signed up for whatever sport you play and they'll give you a scholarship. You don't need a sports scholarship to play sports in college anyway

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