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The traditional clothing is tights, Ballet shoes, and a tutu.

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Q: Is there a particular clothing worn when ballet is performed?
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What is clothing worn by an actor onstage to create the appearance of a particular character?

That clothing is called a costume.

What special clothing is worn on Hanukkah?

There is no special clothing worn on Hanukkah.

What are the dresses worn by ballet dancer?


What clothing was worn for the Olympics?

A lot of different clothing is worn at the Modern Olympic games

Are pointe shoes worn in ballet?

Yes. In fact, ballet is the reason pointe shoes were invented.

What clothing was worn in the Steppe climate?

nothing is worn

What are hue leggings used for?

The piece of clothing called HUE leggings serve many purposes. This particular article of clothing is worn by women to keep their legs warm in cold weather.

What clothing should be worn at Hanukkah?

Dress clothing should be worn, though there's no specific requirement.

Can dress shoes be worn with casual clothing?

Yes,dress shoes can be worn with casual clothing. This is a great way to take a daylook into a night look. You could be wearing jeans, tshirt and ballet flats during the day and then put on a pair of high heels and some glitzy jewellery and you're ready to go out for the evening.

What is a tutu in ballet?

a tutu is a skirt made of net or a stiff silky material that are worn by female ballet dancers

Clothing worn by Jewish?

plain black and white clothing

What do you call ballet tights?

Ballet tights are called 'ballet tights' or 'dance tights'. Ballet tights for women are thinner than those designed for men since they are worn under leotards.

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