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No, currently the only recent laccrosse game is an Xbox 360 exlusive game named College Lacrosse 2010, but a little known lacrosse game named blast lacrosse was made in 2001 for the original sony Playstation, although I'm not sure if it is based on the NLL or MLL.

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Q: Is there a mll lacrosse game for 2010?
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Is there personal lacrosse?

yes its called MLL( Major League Lacrosse)

What is the name of a professional lacrosse league?

mll or nll major league lacrosse or national lacrosse league

What does MLL stand for?

Major League Lacrosse

What is the website for major league lacrosse?

mll or

What are the different leagues in mens lacrosse?

There's the National Lacrosse League (NLL) and Major League Lacrosse (MLL).

How much money do MLL players make?

I found some news articles that give a salary of less then $18,000 Major League Lacrosse (MLL). In the other pro Lacrosse league National Lacrosse League (NLL) the top salary is not more then $25,000.

What is Toronto's lacrosse team called?

the Toronto nationals of the mll

Where do you get college lacrosse 2010?

If your thinking about College Lacrosse 2010 as a video game, there is no College Lacrosse Video Game. If you mean something else I have no clue.

What is the difference between MLL and NLL?

The NLL, or National Lacrosse League, is a professional league that plays indoors. The MLL, or Major League Lacrosse, is a professional league that plays outdoors.

How long is a game of lacrosse?

There are four quarters in lacrosse. The time depends. If you're in a youth league maybe 8 minutes each. College and the MLL are 4, 15 minute quarters. Plus there is half time, time outs, and what not. So the time varies game to game.

Do people in the mll wear shoulder pads?

Yes, every level in lacrosse have to.

How much do you get paid when you play lacrosse?

For MLL (Major League Lacrosse) you get paid about $13,000 a year but it is only a 3 month season.

What is the only three letter league to never go on strike?

the mll, major league lacrosse

Is activison making a new lacrosse video game?

Yes its called Lacrosse 2010

What color is lacrosse ball?

Mainly white for boys and yellow for girls. The MLL uses orange balls.

Average lacrosse shot?

In the MLL it is 90-105 mph, for college around 80-95 mph.

What is the speed of the lacrosse shoot?

Paul Rabil, of the Boston Cannons, has clocked his shot at 113mph. That was the fastest shot ever shot. The average lacrosse speed in the MLL is in the 90's

How long is a men's lacrosse quarters?

There are four quarters in lacrosse. The time depends. If you're in a youth league maybe 8 minutes. College and the MLL are 4, 15 minute quaters.

What is the difference between nll and mll?

The NLL is a box lacrosse league, meaning that it is played inside. The MLL is a field lacrosse league, meaning that it is played outside. There are several rules that differ between the two leagues. Here are links to each league's website:

What was the lowest scoring lacrosse game in history?

The lowest scoring lacrosse game in history is Switzerland defeating Norway 2-0 at the 2010 world championships.

When was the first lacrosse championship?

In 1971 Cornell University won the NCAA championship. In 2001 the Long Island Lizards won the MLL championship.

What is a lacrosse game?

Lacrosse is a sport. A lacrosse game is playing the sport.

How much is the game college lacrosse 2010?

This is an indie game on xbox360 marketplace for 800 Microsoft points ($10.00)

How do you curve a ball lacrosse?

Games where atheletes can put a spin on the ball have a big difference with lacrosse. The balls are filled with air. A lacrosse ball is way to dense to have any curve in the air. Just watch any mll player shoot. They're shooting over 100 mph and the ball still has no curve.

Who is Graham gill?

Graham Gill was a superstar lacrosse player at the naval academy. he plays for the MLL, he lives in Corpus Christi ,TX learning to fly planes.