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No they don't

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Q: Is there a losers bracket in the NBA playoffs?
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Where can you make the NBA Playoffs Bracket?

espn/nba bracket

When is the NBA playoffs in 2010?

The 2011 NBA Playoffs will begin on Saturday, April 16.The 2011 NBA Playoffs will begin on Saturday, April 16, 2011.You can expect here the 2011 NBA Playoff Schedule both the 2011 Printable Playoff Bracket and 2011 Viewable Playoff Bracket. Chiff stated that the 2011 NBA Playoff schedule will be set after the final season's games on April 13.The announcement of the official roster on April 14 begins at 3PM ET - leading to a scramble for NBA Playoff tickets that go on sale shortly after - for the hottest NBA basketball matches of the year.Source:

When are thge NBA playoffs?

The 2012 NBA Playoffs began on April 28.

What the formula of double elimination tournament?

A double elimination tournament means you have to lose twice before being eliminated from the competition. If you lose once, you are sent to the "losers' bracket". In the losers' bracket you are allowed to continue competing against other teams that have also lost once. If you lose a second time you are eliminated. The winner of the losers' bracket places third in the overall competition.

When did NBA playoffs start 2009?

The 2009 NBA Playoffs started on Saturday, April 18.

Do the losers in the nba champion get rings?


Is there reseeding in the NBA playoffs?


Did the Sixers go to the playoffs in 1988?

No, the Philadelphia 76ers did not make the NBA Playoffs in the 1987-1988 NBA Season.

Who won the 1995 NBA playoffs?

The Houston Rockets won the 1995 NBA playoffs. They beat the Orlando Magic four games to none in the NBA Finals.

When will the NBA playoffs end this year?

The NBA playoffs begins April 16 and ends May 30. The playoffs start and end on the same day each year.

How tough are the nba playoffs?


Who won the NBA playoffs in 1940?

The Playoffs didn't start until 1947