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Left handed and right handed hitters use the same bats.

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Q: Is there a lefties baseball bat or are all the same?
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What is sounds same and same spelling but different meaning?

homograph ie. a bat in a cave and a bat at a baseball game

What is a item same length as a baseball bat?

A couple items that could be be the same length as a baseball bat is: 1) Rope 2) Wood 3) String

BPF on a baseball bat?

Is BPF 15 little league bat rating the same as 1.15

Can a frozen baseball o as far as a warm baseball?

No. A frozen baseball will die off the bat because the reason a baseball reacts to a bat is the connection between the ball and the bat. The bat will not affect the ball in the same way when the ball is frozen.. I recommend trying this because it will damage the bat.

What kind of sound produced by a bat?

It all depends if its a wooden bat or aluminum bat,, and if its baseball or softball.

Which will hit the ball farther - a heavy or light baseball bat?

In general, a heavier bat will hit a ball further than a lighter bat. It all depends on the speed of the bat. There is more torque in heavier bat swung at the same speed as a lighter one.

Is there a left handed bat?

No. they are all the same

In baseball can a batter hit lefty and righty in the same at bat?


What do these three words describe fruit baseball cricket vampire?

Um.. I beliece that is four words. In any case, all of them could be preceding "bat." fruit bat, baseball bat, cricket bat, vampire bat.

How do you clean a baseball bat bag?

The same way you clean all your other bags. WITH WATER AND WASHING UP LIQUID WITH A SPONGE!!!!!!!

How is rounders and baseball the same?

they are not the same because of the batting in baseball they ball in a different type of style and in rounders they ball in a different type of style and the bat u need to hold the bat with two hands when u are playing baseball and when your playing rounders u hold the bat with 1 hand

Is the baseball term at bat or at the bat?

its at bat

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