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There have been many arguments over this question. It is considered violating a females human rights to not let her play on a male team. But, males aren't allowed to play on female teams when they get around the age of puberty because of a hormone called androgen that increases the development of muscle. I find it unfair, but it's up to you to decide.

According to science , guys happen to be stronger than girls .Although , most sports demand skill more than strength.Which means girls can play in boy teams. I think it's unfair to girls because by separating the teams it shows that boys are better than girls ,which is untrue .Both are as good. I think that they should try doing mix teams in the major leagues.I know many girls who are ready to take on the boys.So ,I think they should try to mix girls with boys in sprts Iif there seem to be problems , they can go back to the way it was . It doesn't hurt to try .Remember girls have just as much skill than boys , or maybe even more .

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Q: Is there a law allowing boys to play on girls athletic teams and vice versa if there is no comprable team for that gender if so does this apply to elementary sports teams?
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