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Statistically speaking, yes. Since 1985, the team that has opened the World Series at home (hosting a possible four of seven games) has been victorious in 24 of the last 30 World Series.

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Q: Is there a home-field advantage in the World Series?
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Do the Atlanta Falcons win homefield advantage for each of the potential playoff games of 2010-2011 season?

Yes. As the #1 seed in the NFC, the 2010 Falcons have secured a first-round bye and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.

What team has home field advantage in the 2010 Super Bowl?

There is no homefield advantage in the Superbowl. It is a pre-picked location by the NFL.

If Colorado and the Cubs both win their series who gets homefield advantage The cubs because they won their division Or the Rockies because they have a better season record and are the wild card team?

i think the cubs do

What determines home field advantage for NFL pro bowl?

The Pro bowl usually has no homefield advantage because it is played in Honolulu, Hawai'i.

Did a football team ever played at home for the super bowl?

No. No team has ever gotten homefield advantage in the Superbowl.

When was Homefield Preparatory School created?

Homefield Preparatory School was created in 1870.

What does sixth seed mean in NFL?

It means that the team that is the sixth seed will never have homefield advantage in the playoffs and they have to win in the wild card game

Why does the American league have home field advantage in the World Series?

There is an MLB rule that states the League that wins the All-Star game has home field advantage in the World Series. Since the American League won the 2009 All-Star game, 4-3, they get home field advantage for the 2009 World Series.

What decides the location for the World Series?

The location of the World Series is determined according to the two teams that they are playing and whichever league won the All Star Game in July is the league that will be given the home field advantage for the World Series and the World Series is set up so that Games 1, 2, 6 and 7 will be at the team with the home field advantage's stadium and Games 3, 4 and 5 will be at the stadium of the team that doesn't have the home field advantage.

Who has most homefield wins in college football?


How is the home team decided in the World Series of baseball?

Currently, whatever league wins the All-Star game will have Home-Field advantage in the World Series.

How does homefield advantage work in sports?

it works by the home team having more fans. for instance in football the home feild advantage is better because the crowd will be quiet when the team needs them to be and lound when the team wants them to be. that and its always nice to be cheered for. 3====D~